How To : Use Lasker's Defense for freedom in chess

This will show you how to think ahead in a game of chess, from no other than "How to Think Ahead in Chess" by I.A.Horowitz and Fred Reinfeld - Chapter 14 - Lasker's Defense To Queen's Gambit Declined: I - Simplification Leads to Freedom. Watch this three-part tutorial. Part 1 ...more

How To : Use the Ruy Lopez classical defense chess opening

This explores the Ruy Lopez Classical Defense opening (ECO C64). The video includes a match between Emanuel Lasker and Wilhelm Steinitz in the Chess World Championship rematch in 1896. See the Spanish Opening here, and learn it for yourself.

How To : Do the double bishop sacrifice in chess

This is a quick run through of a chess game or sequence of moves called the DOUBLE BISHOP SACRIFICE first played in Amsterdam by Lasker and Bauer in 1899. Basically it illustrates a move that resembles the moves of a "bird". Basically, the player demonstrates a series of moves ...more

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