How To : Style your hair like Rachel Berry on "Glee"

In this tutorial, you will learn how to get a cute hair look inspired by Lea Michele's character Rachel on "Glee". This particular look is borrowed from the episode "Wheelin'" from the first season of Fox's hit musical comedy. So, if you are looking to get a cute curly style ...more

How To : Create a Rachel Berry/Lea Michele makeup look

Check out this tutorial for a step by step on getting Lea Michele's makeup look from "Glee". Lea plays Rachel, an aspiring star and talented singer. Rachel is the most adorable "nerd" on TV and now you can get her great, natural everyday look on your own. So, follow along and ...more

How To : Create a makeup look like Lea Michele from Glee

Lea Michele stars as beautiful and talented "nerd" Rachel Berry on Fox's "Glee". In this tutorial, learn how to copy her makeup look on your own. This look is very pretty and understated and will definitely make you look like a rising star just like Rachel! So, follow along w ...more

How To : Create Lea Michele's 2010 Emmys makeup look

Lea Michele, who plays perfectionist and super-talented singer Rachel Berry on "Glee," is quite unlike her school girl outfit-loving television alter ego. In fact, on the red carpet she's a big fan of sultry, sirenish makeup looks with winged liner, red lips, and big, volumino ...more

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