News : How-to Design Amazing Web Pages Using Basic HTML

INTRODUCTION In this world of Internet era, almost everyone wants to create theirs own web presence by either hosting their own blog, articles, photos, videos, reviews, etc etc . But some people choose their own way and decide to have something bigger! What is it? Its a websi ...more

How to Program in C# : Introduction to the Basics (Part 1)

Welcome my aspiring hackers and programmers! Today i will introduce you to a programming language that as a hacker you should have in your set of hacking/programming skills (except if you're only interested in web hacking/programming...then you should go learn some html or PH ...more

How To : Get started with programming in Visual Basic

This beginner's guide is designed for people with little or no prior knowledge of computer languages, who want to learn to program by using the Visual Basic language. If you have some previous programming experience, maybe in another language or from a few years ago, then you ...more

How To : Auto-tune your vocals in Audacity for free

T-Pain, Cher, heck, most of the new artists these days use auto-tune, some over use it. With technology it isn't so much of a question of, "do we need to do it?" and more of "why aren't we doing it!?" Well, if you're looking for an easy way to add auto-tune to your vocal track ...more


Hello and welcome to my article. I have made this article for anyone who wants to become a hacker, and wants to know how to get started. OVERVIEW: As you'll get further into the hacking community, and learn more about how it's all put together, you'll also realize very quick ...more

How To : Program a Traxxas R/C electronic speed control

If you're fond of remote-controlled vehicles, you might appreciate this video tutorial on how to program a Traxxas electronic speed control. The Traxxas R/C ESC models you will learn to program are the XL-5, XL-10, EVX-2 and VXL-3S. They all have a single push button to turn o ...more

How To : Make an interactive toy in Quartz Composer

Are you new to Quartz, the modeling and composition software? Then rather than reading the manual and laboriously going through each and every function, have some fun learning the program instead by embarking on your first project. Take a gander at this Quartz tutorial to lea ...more

Where Do I Start : Learn the Fundamentals

I am very new to Null Byte but I find much of its content and community incredibly interesting. I spent quite a bit of time just chronologically going through the posts and I noticed a common theme in many of the beginner posts. Many people seem to want to know the 'secret' or ...more

Where Do I Start : Learn How Programmers Think

Common programming blunders can be your best friend when trying to craft your own exploits. If you spend a little time reading what some of these common blunders are, they can uncover potential attack vectors or just show you the weird ways in which computers can store and rec ...more

How To : Use the break, continue and pass tricks in Python loops

If you've learned other programming languages, you're likely already familiar with the break and pass flow control commands when programming loops. This video shows you how to use them when writing code in Python, and also how to use the continue trick in your program.

How To : Use the RUR-PLE learning environment

In this ShowMeDo, André Roberge shows you how to use RUR-PLE. RUR-PLE is a learning environment designed to teach Python and help people learn computer programming. A really cool idea that will hopefully make this subject seem a bit easier to understand, and less boring. Good ...more

How To : Write programs in Visual Basic

This beginner’s guide is designed for people with little or no prior knowledge of computer languages, who want to learn to program by using the Visual Basic language. For information on taking those initial steps into learning the Visual Basic programming language, take a look ...more

Brief Reality : AR Goes Green in Hackathon

NextReality will be giving readers a rundown of the augmented and mixed reality news briefs from the preceding week that we didn't cover already. This way, you'll never miss anything of importance in the NextReality landscape, and will always know what's going on with new augm ...more

How To : Write C# code with Microsoft Visual C# 2005

Want to get started programming with C# but aren't sure where to begin? If you have prior background with Visual Basic, you might be interested in Microsoft Visual C#. This beginner’s guide is designed for people with little or no prior knowledge of computer languages, who wan ...more

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