Ledger Sheets

Start using Microsoft Excel : Mac 2008

Great news! — Excel isn't just for Windows anymore. Okay, so it's been available on the Mac for awhile now, but if you haven't used it yet, why not start now? Getting started with Excel 2008 for Mac is easy, and this video overview will show beginners or even the most seasoned ...more

How To : Tile a custom ceramic tile shower

Start by putting tile backer board tape on all the joints on the wall board and then put mortar over the backer board tape. Let the mortar dry and then you can begin the tile job. Install a ledger board at the base of the shower stall about one tile high. Draw some vertical an ...more

How To : Read sheet music

In this video series, watch as professional musician Eric Williams teaches how to read music. Learn about the musical alphabet, what sharps and flats are, what half steps are, what a musical staff is, how to read the bass clef and treble clef, what ledger lines are, what quart ...more

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