Leg of Lamb

How To : Debone a leg of lamb

Le Gourmet Tv takes you behind the scenes at a butcher shop where we have a leg of lamb deboned and wrapped for the BBQ. An expert butcher shows the different parts of a lamb as he prepares, splits, and gets it ready for sale. It might be a little tricky to debone a leg of lam ...more

How To : Prepare leg of lamb for roasting

Lamb has the potential for great dinner recipes. Watch this how to video tutorial and find out how to prepare a leg of lamb to roast with UKTV Food. Learn to trim the leg of lamb for so that you get the most flavor from it.

How To : Make a roasted leg of lamb

Julia Child and her guest demonstrate how to make a roasted leg of lamb seasoned with a zesty marinade. This dish uses limited garnish and is in the Northern Italian Renaissance manner. Make a roasted leg of lamb. Click through to watch this video on pbs.org

How To : Cook a leg of lamb with a rosemary stuffing

Cooking Light Executive Chef Billy Strynkowski demonstrates delicious options for your Easter feast, such as stuffed leg of lamb with a rosemary, sun dried tomato, and garlic stuffing. Watch this how to video and learn how to cook a delicious easter feast for your family.

How To : Correctly debone a leg of lamb

Hunting for your meat can be fun, but preparing it for a meal is the difficult part. In this how to video an expert butcher demonstrates how to debone a leg of lamb. The trick to removing the lamb bone is to use a little elbow grease and coming very close to the bone. Watch an ...more

How To : Roast seven-hour lamb with minted cannelloni beans

Put away seven hours of your time, because you're about to make seven hour leg of lamb. This is actually an easy dish to make, but takes about seven hours of roasting to complete, so start it early in the day. Try out the whole recipe here, for the seven hour lamb and minted c ...more

How To : Make Indian lamb curry

This is a fabulous meat dish with an amazing aroma! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make Indian lamb curry. You will need: boneless leg of lamb, onions, garam masala, ground cumin, tumeric, chili powder, salt and plain yogurt.

How To : Make spiced lamb kabobs

Summertime is grilling time! For all you kebob/kebab/cabob lovers, watch this how to video on how to make delicious grilled spiced lamb kabobs. Perfect for your summer backyard BBQ! Spiced lamb kabob ingredients: 3 lbs boneless leg of lamb, cut into chunks 6 garlic cloves, mi ...more

How To : Make your own lamb merguez sausage

Here's how to make a delicious and traditional lamb sausage. For this recipe, you will need: 1 1/2 boneless lamb legs, 1 1/4 ounces kosher salt, .13 ounces dextrose, 1/2 teaspoon pink salt, .007 ounce Four Spice Mix, 1.2 ounces harissa paste, 4 cloves crushed garlic, .06 ounce ...more

News : Marouch

Looking for frog legs or authentic Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisines? Then Marouch is the ideal place for you to go. Marouch is in the center of a strip mall next to a 7/11 and a fast food Philippine restaurant. Marouch is a restaurant, which one might not consider fancy, b ...more

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