Lego Chess

Star Wars : A New Hope LEGO Chess Set

WonderHowTo World LEGO People points us to an amazing chess set made with LEGO Star Wars characters. LEGO fanatic Brandon Griffith of Hollywood, CA, plans to build three different chess sets, one per each original episode. Pictured below is his first completed set, Star Wars: ...more

News : LEGO Robotic Monster Chess

The battery-operated, Bluetooth-controlled pieces use downward-facing sensors to read grids built into the individual squares on the board. They then communicate with the controlling computer to keep track of their location in relation to other pieces. The computer tells each ...more

News : Swede Concocts Rubik's and Sudoku Brainiac LEGO-Bots

Sweden's Hans Andersson, has a new way of solving both the Rubik's Cube and Sudoku puzzles... ROBOTS. That's right, memorizing lengthy algorithms or racking your brain with numbers is no longer required to solve these perplexing puzzles. The Tilted Twister and Sudoku Solver a ...more

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