Leopard Nails

How To : Do Colorful Leopard Nails

Lots of us have already tried leopard nails and in this one I have added a new twist to the design to make it slightly more exciting for all of us who love this design pattern! Video: . I personally love leopard print on all kinds of things. Starting from leopard print designs ...more

How To : Do Heart Leopard Nails

This is one of the most fun designs I created this valentines day for girls who needed something easy and trendy to flaunt on their nails on this special day of the year ! Video: . This design is so cute that it can make anybody's heart melt. It suits all kinds of nail sizes a ...more

How To : Create pale pink leopard print nails

Normal leopard print nails can be a little too jarring for those who enjoy the print but prefer it in a more wearable, less hooker-like shade. Get street and even work appropriate pink leopard nails by watching this video. You can vary the intensity by simply using pinks in l ...more

How To : Create colorful leopard print nails

This video is about how to create colorful leopard print nails. So the first thing that you will have to do is to choose any colors of the nail polish that you want. After deciding for the first color of the nail polish, apply it to your nails and let it dry. The next step is ...more

How To : Paint leopard print nails

This video tutorial will show you how to paint leopard print nails. 1. Apply orange color to top half of your nail starting at the cuticle 2. Apply a beige color in the middle of the nail blending with the orange 3. Apply a burnt yellow to the tip of the nail and blend with t ...more

How To : Create neon-colored leopard print nails

This nail look is definitely not for the tame. Not only does this video show you how to do cheetah print nails, but neon-colored, '80s inspired cheetah print nails. The effulgent look is most likely not going to be a hit at work, but great if you're bar hopping with your poss ...more

How To : Do Neon Leopard Print Nails

Check out this video on how to do neon leopard print nails ! Video: . For more nail tutorials, check - http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperWowstyle?feature=mhee Thanks for watching ! Do share and give kudos :-D See you all again soon !

How To : Do Half Moon Leopard Print Nails

Check out this step by step tutorial Video: . All pics used by the permission of Nicole from - http://www.nailpolishwars.com/ For more nail art videos and tutorials , visit my youtube nail art channel on - http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperWowstyle?feature=mhee All glitter na ...more

How To : Apply a pink leopard print nail manicure

The creative Suzy Banyon describes in detail the process of applying a leopard print manicure in this easy to follow step by step video. She details the process vividly, from applying fake nails and filing them into shape, to what type of base to use and how to go about creati ...more

How To : Create a leopard print nail decoration

Learn how to create a wild, leopard print nail look with this tutorial. You will need white, black and gold nail polish, a base coat, and a clear top coat. This is a gorgeous look for long natural nails and acrylic or artificial nails. Watch this how to video and you will be a ...more

How To : Create pink leopard print nail designs

In this quick tutorial learn how to paint your nails in a leopard print pattern. Make sure to prep your hands and nails before painting them. You will need two shades of pink nail polish, glitter nail polish and a Sharpie marker. Watch this how to video and you can create thes ...more

How To : Paint your nails with gold leopard print

The narrator describes how to paint your nails with gold leopard print. Using two coats you can now have gorgeous, glossy nails within a short amount of time. First by making an x shape (like a French tip) then with a second coat going over with gold. Finally by "striping" and ...more

How To : Create a hot cheetah print nail look

Leopard nails scream to others that you're fierce and feminine. Oh, and that you do care about beauty maintenance (many women pay lots of attention to their faces but neglect, well, everywhere else). Wear this season's hottest print without upsetting PETA by watching this nai ...more

How To : Create Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" toe nails

This tutorial teaches you how to do the same nail design as Ke$ha from her video "Tik Tok" had her nails done. First you apply a base polish to protect your nails. Apply a gold polish all over the nail, about three solid coats and then let them dry. Paint on a rich wine color ...more

How To : Paint a leopard print French manicure with glitter

Need a change from your boring French manicure? Learn how you can paint this glittery leopard print nail art with this tutorial. You will need a base coat (Orly calcium base coat,) normal plain transparent tape or you can use those premade french manicure nail stickers, white ...more

How To : Create leopard print French manicure

Want a fun alternative for the boring old pink and white French manicure? This tutorial teaches you how to apply this fun leopard print French manicure. You will need pink, white and black nail polish, a base coat, and a clear top coat. This is a gorgeous look for long natural ...more

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