How To : Dance the drum and bass step x-outing

Finally, the DRUM AND BASS STEP X-OUTING TUTORIAL. - Learn Step - X-Outing Base - Leg Lift - Leg Lift 2 - Side Leg Lift - Twister - Sticking And thats it. Do the drum and bass step X-outing tutorial. Enjoy. Master your Drum and bass (aka d&b, DnB, dnb, d'n'b, drum n bass, drum ...more

How To : Do a kickboxing sidekick

Check out this instructional kickboxing video that demonstrates how to do a kickboxing sidekick. It's more a like a snapping kick, and you utilizing the blade of your foot. Try a sidekick next time you're in a kickboxing jam. Learn the skills of kickboxing in this video on com ...more

How To : Strengthen your knees

Your knees support much of your weight. Exercise can keep your knees healthy by strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints. Strengthen your knees with this helpful tips. You Will Need: • Strength exercises • Joint supplements (optional) Step 1: Strengthen quadriceps ...more

How To : Perform advanced volcadas in tango

Tango teachers perform a didactic demo to highlight and integrate the concept covered during class. Today's class will focus on volcadas-funny, collapse, traveling and volcada pluses. All involve similar concepts. Start basic and get complexed. (Major actions are performed by ...more

How To : Do a hip abduction on a workout ball

Here is a simple exercise you can do for the gluteus muscles. Abduction means to move away from the center of the body. In this exercise, your leg will move laterally (outward). When the leg moves laterally, the primary muscle being worked is the gluteus. Instructions: Lean ...more

How To : Do an outer thigh lift

The outer thigh lift is a great way to work the butt. Whenever leg abduction (movement away from the midline of the body) takes place, the gluteus muscles are involved. Instructions for the outer thigh lift are as follows: Lie sideways on an exercise mat. Place your arms in a ...more

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