How To : Make a charming locket

Actress-singer Mandy Moore joins Martha to craft charming lockets. You will need appliques, nail glue, locket, sandpaper, paper towel, colored nail polish, tweezers, toothpick, nail-polish remover and a cotton swab. Make a charming locket. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Make an H2O locket

This video tutorial is going to show you how to make an H2O locket. You will need a snake chain and a couple of clothing studs. Take two clothing studs, bend the spikes and glue them together and let them dry. Use Krazy Glue or Super Glue. Regular glue will not work. Then you ...more

How To : Make a clever paper insert for a clear glass locket

Start with a clear glass locket, and then follow these instructions to make a few cute paper inserts to put inside your locket. Add a few personal touches, and you have a versatile and creativity-inspiring accessory that lets you dress up your wardrobe in a unique and clever way.

How To : Transform a necklace into a ring

This Arts and Crafts video tutorial shows how to recycle your necklace and make a ring out of it. Shelly shows how to do this in two simple steps. You need an old necklace that you don’t want to use and a ring that you don’t use, then you can make a new ring out of the two. Ta ...more

HowTo : Eliminate Pit Stains, B.O. and Excessive Sweating

Jezebel's back with another Beauty 101 (1, 2, 3), and this time the issue at hand is body odor. Everybody gets a little stinky from time to time (some more than others), but have no fear- there are solutions. Jezebel readers also address problems such as pit stains, excessive ...more

How To : Make a mini cappucino machine for a dollhouse

In order to make a mini cappuccino machine for a dollhouse, you will need the following: a copper fitting (from the hardware store), glue, pliers, and old jewelry. Superglue works best, if it is the type with a reusable lid. From a clip on earring, remove the hook. It will be ...more

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