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How To : Play basic intervals on the lyre

This lesson teaches some basics on how to set up the bridge, and a few technical exercises on how to play basic intervals on the lyre. I have tuned the lyre to the melodic minor mode, as the intervals here are much more simple and therefore easier to understand, than the much ...more

How To : Play "Hevenu Shalom Aleichem" on the lyre

In this lesson,you will learn how to play one of the most famous of ALL Jewish songs; "Hevenu Shalom Aleichem". The transliteration from Hebrew, and the translation into English of the words of this song is as follows: "Hevenu shalom aleichem, hevenu shalom aleichem, hevenu s ...more

How To : Play "Avinu Malkeinu" on the lyre

Learn how to play one of the most beautiful songs, traditionally sang at Yom Kippur/Rosh Hashana, called "Avinu Malkeinu" (Our Father, Our King): Avinu Malkeinu, Chaneinu V'aneinu, ki ein banu ma'asim. Assei imanu ts'dakah vachesed, vehoshiyeinu. (Our Father, our King, Hea ...more

How To : Play Jewish Klezmer music on the lyre

In this lesson, I am going to demonstrate, for the 1st time in 3000 years, how to play traditional Jewish Klezmer music on a replica of King David's Lyre! "Klezmer" music, is the traditional name given to the Jewish wedding music of Eastern Europe. "Klezmer" in Hebrew, means ...more

How To : Play Israel's national anthem on the lyre

Learn how to play the most famous of ALL ancient Jewish melodies on King David's Lyre; "Hatikvah" - "The Hope" This ancient melody was later to be made the official National Anthem of Israel. Here are the written notes of Hatikvah: EF#GABB, CBC highE B, AAGGF#EF#GE (REPEAT) ...more

How To : Play "Ma Tovu" on the lyre

In this lesson, I'm going to show all you lovely "Levite Wannabes" out there, how to play the beautiful Shabbat melody, "Ma Tovu". The translation into English from the timeless Hebrew text of this haunting song is as follows: "How lovely are your tents, O Jacob, your dwellin ...more

How To : Play the shabbat hymn "Adon Olam" on the lyre

In this lesson, I will demonstrate how to play on the lyre, the traditional melody usually sang to "Adon Olam"(Lord of the World); one of the beautiful closing hymns sang at the end of a traditional Shabbat Service. The melody is in the melodic minor scale, starting on D, so ...more

How To : Play the tambura

How to play the tambura; get professional tips and instruction from an expert on playing stringed instruments and lyres in this free music lesson video series. Part 1 of 10 - How to Play the tambura. Play the tambura - Part 2 of 10. Click through to watch this video on expertv ...more

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