How To : Create a magazine cover in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create a magazine cover layout with the help of a photo of iJustine and Howard from Ice Flow Studios. Thanks to Justine:

News : The new art of creating a Living Movie Poster

With the advent of the iPad and large inexpensive monitors, movie posters have not only gone digital but they have gone moving as well.  Now we are not talking a trailer, we are talking moving Key Art or what is now known as a Living Moving Poster.  This term is similar to a m ...more

Photo Critique : Covers - 4/7/10

Vogue Italia Vogue US Vogue UK Vogue Germany Vogue Espana Vogue Russia Vogue China Vogue Nippon Vogue Korea Vogue India Vogue Taiwan Vogue Australia Vogue Turkey Vogue Portugal Vogue Brazil Vogue Greece Numéro France Numéro Tokyo W W Korea Dazed & Confused ...more

News : Human Beatbox like Doug E Fresh

There are very few legends in this world. When it comes to beatboxing, Doug E Fresh is the O.G. legend. Below is an old school video of Fresh with Slick Rick performing 'La Di Da Di' in New York. At 3:52 Fresh goes off the hook, so be patient. There are very few legends in th ...more

News : Fashion Magazine Covers

So i'm a 14 year old photography and art student and one of our topics was to create a final piece that reflected the covers of popular magazines. We had to link our magazine cover with our chosen topic and mine was fashion and the environment. Research Before designing our ...more

How To : Create a fake magazine cover on the web

Want to impress your friends by showing that you're hot stuff? Put your face on a magazine. This short tutorial shows you how to create a fake magazine cover on the web, using your own personal pictures. Just go to MagMeNow.

News : How to Get on a Magazine Cover with Poster Program

RonyaSoft Poster Designer software includes lots of different ready-to-use templates. You can freely change anything you want in the template or you can just print it as it is, if you don’t want to puzzle over it. Moreover, you can create your own poster from scratch. Carey’s ...more

Budget Astronomy : Resources for Making Your Own Equipment

For newbies to astronomy, expensive equipment is an understandable deterrent. But with some thorough Google searching, you can find plenty of How-To's for making your own tools for less. Below are a few sites with several cool projects to offer. Sky & Telescope Sky & Telesco ...more

How To : Do a Gwen Stefani twisted updo

Kandee, a makeup, artist demonstrates a Gwen Stefani up do that was from an Elle magazine cover. Rub hair paste into your hands and smooth it through your hair. Then section crown to forehead and twist it counterclockwise until it starts curling up. Keep twisting and wrap it a ...more

News : 7 Tips for Organizing Your Room

Today I'm going to show you 7 easy ways to organize your room. They are really simple and cheap so I hope you find them useful! Video: . USE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE The first thing you need to remember is to use what you already have, for example: space! There can be some usef ...more

News : The Rock Pops Out of EW Cover with Augmented Reality

Usually paper beats rock. With augmented reality, The Rock beats paper. Using the Life VR app for iOS or Android, Entertainment Weekly readers can point their smartphones at the cover of the Dec. 8 edition to view a holiday greeting from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, star of the ...more

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