Make a Bomb Out of Caps

How To : Make a popping penny bomb with paper caps and tape

Do you like playing with those little popper things that you throw on the ground and they make a loud popping noise? The ones that come in the box full of sawdust? Well those are for noobs. This video will show you how to make a similar, but louder, device out of a penny, some ...more

How To : Make a bottle cap bomb

This video demonstrates how to make a bottle cap bomb. The materials needed are two bottle caps, tape, a pair of pliers, a knife, a small screwdriver, and some kind of firecracker. Poke a hole in the top of one bottle cap wide enough for a fuse to go through. With pliers, sque ...more

How To : Make a cap bomb

To make a cap bomb, you will need a nail or a knife, some bottle caps, some tape, matches or a lighter, and a bottle rocket engine or piccolo pete. Make a hole in the center of one cap, add powder from the piccolo pete, and connect the fuse through the hole in the cap. Connect ...more

How To : Make a cheap penny bomb

This video tutorial will show you the gist of making a cheap penny bomb. Cheap? Of course it's cheap. It's a freakin' penny, a cent, an Abe Lincoln, 1/100 of a dollar... it's cheap. But wait, you also need some gun caps and tape. Take all of the black powder out of the caps a ...more

How To : Make a soda bomb

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a soda bomb. First, take and empty water bottle and fill it with 1 cup vinegar. You can use a funnel to fill the water bottle if it's easier for you. After this, add in 2 tsp of baking soda, then wrap a tissue up and push it inside. After ...more

How To : Make a Mentos bomb

If you have enemies, snowmen or not you can make a messy explosion using soda and mentos. You’ve seen the soda fountain created when mentos are put into a 2 liter soda bottle now if you can get enough pressure inside to make it explode you’ll have a soda bomb. Step 1 Open up ...more

How To : Make a gravity bomb using a five gallon jug

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to a gravity bong. The materials required for this project are: a 5 gallon jug of water, knife, storage tube, socket wrench piece, water, herb and a lighter. Begin by cutting off the bottom part of the jug and use a knife to make a hol ...more

How To : Make a baking soda bottle bomb

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a bottle bomb. The materials required for this task are: a tissues, water bottle, vinegar and baking soda. Begin by emptying the water bottle and fill 1/3 of the bottle with vinegar. Then pour some baking soda onto the tissue a ...more

How To : Make CO2 bomb

Let us make a CO2 bomb. One will need the following: 2 sparklets, a 0.5 liter bottle half filled with water, a hammer and some nails. Hold the sparklets under your foot and punch nails in them. Then, quickly twist the cap to the bottle. Wait for the bottle to grow in terms of ...more

How To : Make a dry ice bomb

This video explains the process of making a dry ice bomb. In order to do this you only need a few basic items. All you will need is a water bottle, some water and of course the dry ice. The hardest thing to find will be the dry ice. In this video they show the phone number for ...more

How To : Make a vinegar and baking soda bomb

See how to make a vinegar and baking soda bomb! Fill the bottle with as much vinegar as you want, then take a napkin or paper towel and pour the baking soda all over it. After you're done with that, roll the paper towel on the ends so the baking soda won't fall out, then put i ...more

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