Make a Firework Bomb

How To : Make a Firework Bomb

This is a video on how to make a bomb from a common screecher bomb You will need: 1 screecher bomb firework A hammer Some tape Have fun and stay safe! Video: . Cool huh!

News : The Biggest Manmade Fireworks Ever

Big fireworks loving cities like Washington or New York think nothing of spending several million dollars to celebrate July 4th. 40,000 Class A firework shells exploding over the Hudson River, launched from six barges manned by 80 lucky pyromaniacs is tonight's treat. But whe ...more

How To : Make an awesome colored smoke bomb

The video describes an easy at home process for making smoke bombs. The items you will need are as follows: 1- Potassium Nitrate 2- Sugar 3- Baking Soda 4- Organic Powdered Dye 5- Duct Tape 6- Firework Fuses 7- Card Tube 8- Small piece(s) of wool 9- Ink Pen First, mix your ...more

How To : Make an electronic igniter from a Christmas light

Check out this explosive video tutorial on how to make an electronic igniter from a Christmas light. It's fairly simple and straightforward, so you could easily make ten ignitors in five minutes. You'll need a Christmas light with the wires cut at about two inches, black powd ...more

How To : 5 Explosive Homemade Fireworks for DIY Pyromaniacs

What kind of fireworks will you be handling during your Fourth of July celebration? Firecrackers? Torpedoes? Roman candles? Homemade aerial ball shells with a potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur mixture? Whatever fireworks you may be using on Independence Day, make sure y ...more

How To : Make Stable Flash Powder

Here I shall show you how to make stable flash powder for all your uses in firework. It's not real flash powder, but the result is pretty good and not so sensitive like real flash powder. In my country, fireworks with flash powder inside of them are illegal, so I decided to ma ...more

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