Make a Material in Unreal Tournament 3 Editor

How To : Use the Unreal Tournament 3 level editor

A basic tutorial on using the level editor in Unreal Tournament 3 to create custom playable Death Match levels and maps. This tutorial series covers: Navigation ,Kismet, Matinee, Bot Pathing, Level Construction, Texturing, Triggers, Cooking Maps, Particle Systems, Materials, a ...more

How To : Use the level editor in Unreal Tournament 3

This video series shows you the basics of how to use the level editor in Unreal Tournament 3. Starting with an intro, first level, viewports, BSP brushes, level design, static meshes - inner and outer, basic textures, lighting and ending with a conclusion. Part 1 of 10 - How t ...more

How To : Create a movie with Matinee in the UT3 Editor

This video series shows you how to create a movie using the Matinee feature of Unreal Tournament 3 Editor. Subjects covered include scene manager, actions, sub actions, 3ds Max export, character import, scripted sequences, Matinee setup and scripted triggers respectively. Part ...more

How To : Dominate the New York Times Crossword Puzzle

First off, don't be frustrated. YOU CAN DO IT! Contrary to the message in the image above, it's NOT over. It's just beginning. And when it comes to solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, the old cliche does apply: practice makes perfect. I've read quite a few books and ...more

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