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How To : Make a silencer for a paintball gun

Here is a very in-depth description on how to make a silencer, but really a sound suppressor for your paintball gun. If you want to try to make a suppressor for a real firearm, the principles are basically the same. So, for ninja-like paintball action, watch this video tutoria ...more

How To : Make washable fill for your paintball grenade

Want to make your own paint for your paintball grenades? Well, this video tutorial will show you how to make fill for your paintball grenade. This recipe is sure to make you happy, so give it a try. It's washable and biodegradable too! Ingredients: Cornstarch Water Food Colo ...more

How To : Make a homemade paintball caddy

This video demonstrates how one can makes a homemade paint ball caddy on the cheap. The presenter uses a gallon sized kitty litter bucket. The presenter only spends $8.00 on the kitty litter bucket at Costco and it will hold at least two bads of paint balls. The presenter demo ...more

News : Paintball

Start a paintball war with your friends in Walmart or some other superstore. Have your team mates push you while in a shopping cart. :)

News : OCD Iron Man Nut Builds SPECTACULAR Suit Replica

25-year-old Anthony Le, of Colorado is THE ultimate Iron Man fan. A cosplay fan, Anthony decided to try his hand at building a super realistic Iron Man suit, just in time for the release of Iron Man 2. The incredibly talented fitness consultant did above and beyond what you mi ...more

How To : Make a ping pong ball smoke bomb

How cool are smoke grenades? You toss 'em into the air and they explode into a vision of thick clouds and smoke, preventing your enemy from seeing you as you stealthily sneak past him and shoot him upside the head with a paintball gun. The great thing about smoke grenades is ...more

How To : Fill a paintball tank using a scuba tank

This is how to fill a paintball tank using a scuba tank. You will need- $150 Scuba Tank $40 Fill Station Usually it costs about $20 per year to maintain your scuba tank (hydro and visual inspection), and about $4 to $5 to fill it at your local scuba shop. With 2 or 3 of the ...more

News : Meat Cannon

You take someone and fill a cannon up with powder or something harmless and tell them it is for a poster, or commercial... and tell them you have to put a blind fold on them so nothing gets in their eyes... while they have the blind fold on switch out the cannon with the powde ...more

How To : Change a high pressure tank to low pressure

This is a instructional video on how to change a high pressure tank into a low pressure tank for paintball guns. Some markers were better with a low pressure tank, or perhaps the high pressure tank for the paintball gun is too intense. Always remember to take the pressure out ...more

News : Graffiti Bot Tags With Paintball Bullets

Very cool project by Benjamin Gaulon. Gaulon has created a graffiti writing paintball robot, entitled PrintBall. He uses technology from (previously posted) EyeWriter to tag with his eyes, plastering a wall with paintballs. From Gaulon's site, Recyclism: "The PrintBall is a ...more

HowTo : Speed Tag Like a Felon on the Run

Looptaggr is an ingenious drive-by tagging device by Ariel Schlesinger and Aram Bartholl. It's cheap, quick and easy to make, and even speedier to use. Cities and small towns across the world may be littered with graffiti mayhem in no time at all... From Looptaggr, how to make ...more

How To : Clean a Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun

This video shows how to clean a Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun. Materials needed are Pliers, gun lubricant, paper towels, Tippmann 98 Custom and Appropriate sized Allen Wrenches.Step 1. Unscrew barrel, take off hopper connector and tae off bolt cap.Step 2. Next use the Allen ...more

How To : Disassemble and perform maintenance on an Angel A1

To keep a paintball gun in top shape, it's important to perform routine maintenance. An easy way to check for broken parts or things that need repair is by taking the gun apart. This video tutorial shows the process of disassembling and performing maintenance on an Angel A1 pa ...more

News : Etching Graffiti with Explosives

There's more than one way to make graffiti. Option 1: Use a paintball robot. Option 2: Make rainbows-on-the-go with a bicycle. Option 3: Use a hanger and a spray can to speed tag on the run. Option 4: Use an iPhone app and a projector to paint with light. Option 5. Do it with ...more

How To : Clean a Spyder Marker paintball gun

In this tutorial, we learn how to clean a Spyder marker paintball gun. Before you start, disconnect your air source and turn the gun off to a safe position. Now, remove the barrel and slide out the pin. Now, the marker should fall out on its own. Make sure not to lose any of t ...more

How To : Paint your airsoft gun using Krylon paint

Airsoft is a fun and exciting tactical game that really gets you off your feet! And what really sets it apart from paintball is the guns! They look much closer to the real thing and add that extra depth to the game! But the paint jobs and wood finishes are never the best, but ...more

How To : Walk the trigger in paintball

Check out this video that teaches how to walk the trigger for semi auto play in paintball. The first important thing to consider is the trigger design in order to perform this technique. The best semi auto trigger in paintball is one where the pivot is behind the trigger, not ...more

How To : Maintain a Smart Parts Ion paintball gun solenoid

This video will provide tips on maintaining your Smart Parts Ion paintball gun solenoid. A lot of people are afraid to even take it apart but it is important for it to be cleaned regularly. You should clean the solenoid after a few thousand shots. Remember this does count for ...more

How To : Maintain a paintball gun's Dye Hyper 2 Regulator

This video shows you how to take apart, service, and reassemble a Dye Hyper 2 Regulator for paint ball guns. This requires lube, heavy duty rubber, a 5/16 wrench, a 3/16, and a 3/8. Make sure the adjustment nut is screwed all the way in when you reassemble your regulator. Get ...more

How To : Set up a trigger for semi auto play in paintball

Ever experienced uncontrolled after bursts during semi auto play? Most gun triggers have four adjustments: tension, pretravel, activation point, and post travel. The wrong setting could damage your paintball gun's board. This video shows different ways of setting up a paint ba ...more

How To : Do training drills for paintball

Get an edge on your paintball opponents. Learn how to become a better paintball player in this free paintball lesson from a paintball expert. Part 1 of 7 - How to Do training drills for paintball. Do training drills for paintball - Part 2 of 7. Click through to watch this vide ...more


GO-Kart paint race 3 laps or a sub-mission ( meaning last man standing wins ) this requirements : 2 people, paintball gun, paintballs , go-karts, and MEN the players are either the shooter or the driver. you can shoot the driver or the player in order to make t ...more

How To : Clean your paintball apparel

Quick video on how to best care for your paintball apparel. I recommend washing all of your gear in cold water, on delicate cycle. Instead of putting things on the dryer, invest in a 18" to 24" box fan from Wal-Mart. Don't put things in the dryer, the heat will destroy your ...more

How To : Play using the cheats in GoldenEye 007 on N64

This is a massive 14-part video walkthrough of GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 video game console, showing you all of the different cheat modes and how best to use them. Cychreus provides all of these elaborate cheat walkthroughs for the video game based of the 1995 James Bon ...more

How To : Use hand signals in paintball

The fire clown from Alpha Squad Paintball explains how to use tactical hand signals for capture the flag, tango, hold, on me, and more. Part 1 of 2 - How to Use hand signals in paintball. Part 2 of 2 - How to Use hand signals in paintball.

How To : Keep your paintball gun clean for better performance

Paintball gets messy. Keep your gun clean, and you'll have a better chance of staying clean yourself, because a clean gun means a more effective gun. This video will show you how to take your paintball gun apart, clean each piece, and put it back together.

How To : Take apart a paintball torque loader

Check out this interesting video tutorial to see how to take apart a paintball torque loader. Basically, you're just going to tear the torque loader's shell apart to get inside. It's as easy as lifting and pushing the opposite sides of the paintball torque loader shell.

News : Paintball to the nuts from a helicopter

have you ever wondered how much it would hurt to shoot your friend in the nuts with a paintball gun from a helicopter at 500ft in the air. well thats exactly what i want to find out. just imagine getting into a helicopter and going up 500ft and aiming a paintbull gun at your f ...more

How To : Maintain the Bob Long Marq paintball gun

This instructional video shows you how to disassemble and clean up the Bob Long Marq paintball gun. It lists exactly what to lube and what not to lube, what to do incase the paint ball gun isn't working correctly, caution about over tightening certain parts, and what to look o ...more

How To : Use basic paintball tactics

Paintball requires skill, patience, teamwork and strategy. Learn basic paintball tactics in this free sports and recreation video series. Part 1 of 18 - How to Use basic paintball tactics. Use basic paintball tactics - Part 2 of 18. Click through to watch this video on expertv ...more

How To : Take apart and oil a paintball marker

This video shows the method to take apart a paintball marker and to oil it. You need a placemat which is optional, paintball marker oil and Q-Tip. Remove the quick-strip pin. Be careful while removing the pin. Hold the striker bolt plug to prevent it from flying off during thi ...more

How To : Get strategy tips for paintball

What should you expect from playing piantball at a commercial paintball field? Watch an overview of paintball fields in this free paintball video from a paintball expert. Part 1 of 12 - How to Get strategy tips for paintball. Get strategy tips for paintball - Part 2 of 12. Cli ...more

News : Matrix Bullet Time


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