Make a Wheelchair

How To : Make a shopping cart into a wheelchair

Who would ever think of turning a shopping cart into a comfortable stylish wheelchair! You'll be amazed what a nice chair you end up with. Make a shopping cart into a wheelchair. Click through to watch this video on

No SFX Necessary : 5 Real Life Iron Man Prototypes

How is it possible that Iron Man is not yet a reality? DVICE reports that super-powered exoskeletons are indeed within our grasp (if not quite as flashy as Hollywood SFX just yet). Real life exoskeletons fall into the realm of not-too-distant futuristic warfare. Below, five e ...more

News : Remote Control Your Lawn Mower

Time to make those lazy Sunday afternoons even lazier. Instructables member johndavid400 has posted a full HowTo on modding your lawn mower to operate via remote control. " ...How to make your Arduino into an R/C interface that you can use for just about anything requiring re ...more

How To : Here's What Google Maps Does with Your Data

With over 1 billion downloads on the Play Store alone, Google Maps has become a staple for those traveling. Its popularity is the result of Google consistently improving its accuracy and adding new functionality. And this was only achieved with help of you — specifically, your ...more

How To : Perform a wheelchair wheelie

Just because you are bound to a wheelchair doesn't mean you can't do cool tricks. Follow along with this how-to video as Dr. Ernest W. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Ohio State University, instructs you on how to do a wheelie in a wh ...more

Google Maps 101 : Find a Wheelchair Accessible Route

Google is constantly changing and updating its apps to make the lives of its users easier. Google Maps is no exception, as the company now includes options for wheelchair accessible transportation routes. From now on, you can set a trip with accessibility as a priority with Go ...more

News : Robo-Exoskeleton Puts Paralyzed Back on Their Feet

Meet Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton—a pair of wearable robotic legs that promise to help the wheelchair-bound get back on their feet. The wealthy ones, at least. The device is expected to retail for around $150,000 stateside. Via Rex Bionics: Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton, is a ...more

News : Extreme Wheelchairing

Amazing how the wheelchair-bound can insanely kick ass at extreme sports. Check it out Urlesque's selection of some of the web's greatest extreme wheelchair-ers. Previously, Kick Ass in a Wheelchair.

How To : Do wheelchair tricks

Impress your friends and family by doing wheelchair tricks such as wheelies! Learn how, plus get tips and advice from an expert balance artist, in this free extreme sport stunts video series. Do wheelchair tricks - Part 1 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvilla ...more

How To : Do the "out of map" glitch in Hitman: Blood Money

Glitches are everywhere in the video game world, and you can call them what you want... glitches, cheats, cheat codes, hints, secrets or tips. In order to find a glitch, you have to keep your eyes open or follow a recommendation from a gaming friend. Either way, to catch a sec ...more

How To : Mix a Grandma In Her Wheelchair cocktail

What better way to learn how to mix a drink than from a hot girl! This bartending how-to video teaches a cocktail recipe for a Grandma in her Wheelchair. You will need Gran Marnier, tequila, 7-Up lemon-lime soda, and sweetened lime juice. Follow along with this video mixology ...more

How To : Play adapted wheelchair softball

The United Spinal Association presents this instructional video on how to play wheelchair softball. This is live from Shea Stadium in New York. This is an adapted sport for with adaptations for 16 slow pitch softball. Classification is similar to wheelchair basketball. One qua ...more

How To : Play wheelchair basketball

The sport of wheelchair basketball is fast and exciting. Learn how to play wheelchair basketball from a world champion and paralympic medalist in this free sports video series. Part 1 of 19 - How to Play wheelchair basketball. Play wheelchair basketball - Part 2 of 19. Click t ...more

How To : Go down steps forward in a wheelchair

Learn how to do one of many wheelchair tricks and stunts created by Christian Bagg (a born and raised daredevil who didn't let being in a wheelchair get in the way). In this video he shows us how to go down steps forward in a wheelchair. This is an advanced trick so make sure ...more

News : Kick ass in a wheelchair

Erik at is a rare spirit. He's committed to helping people protect themselves. His non-profit studio in Massachusetts focuses on training at-risk individuals in self-defense. Erik focuses on training women, minorities and disabled individuals to avoid physical aggr ...more

How To : Vote using the eSlate voting machine with VVPAT

This is an instructional video on how to vote using the popular eSlate electronic voting machine with VVPAT (voter verifiable paper audit trail). eSlate is an electronic voting device made and distributed by Hart InterCivic. You can even vote using a sip and puff device from ...more

How To : Operate a wheelchair

This video will help you learn the basics of safe and considerate wheelchair operation. Health Guru is a site that produces videos which provide medical advice in a number of areas: Pregnancy, Sex Health, and College Health. With the aid of Health Guru, you can understand you ...more

How To : Maneuver on the court in a wheelchair

Ade Adepitan who plays for the Great Britain wheelchair basketball team, shows you how to maneuver your way around the court. The most impressive technique involves just hip action, leaving the hands free for dribbling, shooting and defense. Maneuver on the court in a wheelcha ...more

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