Make an Ice Rink

How To : Flood the backyard to make an ice hockey rink

Flooding a backyard in winter is a common technique for building a hockey rink in your backyard. This is used for ice skating, ice hockey and other winter sports. Bring winter joy to your boring backyard by flooding it into a make-shift pond or body of water that freezes.

News : Ice Rink Half-Pipe

Build a 10-12 foot high half-pipe in the middle of the ice rink. Everything is normal about the ramp with the exception that the flat area is not wood, it's ice. So, essentially it is two quarter-pipes facing each other to make one full half-pipe. Get a bunch of skaters and BM ...more

How To : Level a backyard ice skating rink

How to level a backyard skating rink. Turn your backyard into a hockey rink or ice skating rink by flooding it. That part is easy. The part where you add the flat surface so that it's playable.

How To : Drive a zamboni

A zamboni is a very cool, very big vehicle that is used to clean and resurface the ice in a hockey or ice rink. In this tutorial, go on location with the New York Times as they show you how to drive one of these monsters in the ice rink at Battery Park. You never know when yo ...more

News : Bubble-Troubble Demolition Derby on Ice.

Bubble-Troubble Demolition Derby on Ice. In this game, there are 4 teams of 2. One outside the plastic bubble, one on the inside. The four teams are positioned on the ice rink. Just before the festivities are to begin, inside each plastic bubble is placed one team member an ...more

News : What Shitty skating!

Take an ordinary ice rink and cover the surface of it in watery crap. Let it freeze and have the jackass crew skate over it. Have them scrape up some of the "Ice" and throw it at each other and just have a shitty time.

How To : Make an instant indoor skating rink

Super easy game. Make sure you put up signs. The trick is furniture polish and a nice pair of socks. Wait five minutes for it to dry. Now you have a bedroom slip n slide. The furniture polish makes the floor ridiculously slippery as if you've got an indoor ice rink! Make an in ...more

News : Zamboni Drifting

Put a 2 or 3 of the guys in the hull of a Zamboni with a couple cameras and some lights . . . then close the hatch and start drifting on a filthy ice rink. All of the snow and ice and dirt and shit gets blown into the hull . . . so not only are they getting covered in crap the ...more

How To : Ice skate

Looking to take up a new sport? How about ice skating? Ice skating is great for the legs and body, and great fun! Follow this advice and you will soon be gliding like a champion. You Will Need: • An ice rink • Padded pants • Ice skates • Patience (Warning: Skate only in are ...more

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