Make and Play Didgeridoo

How To : Make and play a didgeridoo

This music tutorial video shows how to make a didgeridoo, an aboriginal instrument, out of a PVC pipe, beeswax, and other household materials. Making and playing your own didgeridoo will be easy with the instructions in this helpful how-to video. Part 1 of 3 - How to Make and ...more

How To : Play the didgeridoo

Often considered the world’s oldest wind instrument, the didgeridoo originated among the Aboringine tribes of Australia. It looks like a simple wood tube, but by vibrating their lips, players can produce harmonic resonances which result in the instruments distinctive droning s ...more

How To : Play the didgeridoo

Learn how to play the Australian didgeridoo with basic and advanced techniques such as proper embouchure and circular breathing with expert instrument instruction in this free online music video series about Australian instruments. Part 1 of 12 - How to Play the didgeridoo. Pl ...more

How To : Play a didgeridoo

Lesson one of ten on how to play the didgeridoo from! This is a five part series until the last five segments are finished. Part 1 of 5 - How to Play a didgeridoo. Part 2 of 5 - How to Play a didgeridoo. Part 3 of 5 - How to Play a didgeridoo. Part 4 of 5 - ...more

How To : Play the didgeridoo for beginners

Interested in learning how to play the didgeridoo? If so, this video lesson may prove a good place to begin. This tutorial will walk you through the rudiments of didgeridoo playing, including tonal techniques for varying the pitch, volume and timbre of your didge. For more inf ...more

How To : Make a Simple Didgeridoo from PVC

Traditional Aboriginal didgeridoos are made from trees that have been hollowed out by termites. Finishing work to smooth out surfaces and decorate the didgeridoo would soon follow. Lucky for you, you don't have to spend lots of money or find a hollowed out tree to create a did ...more

How To : Practice circular breathing while playing didge

I for one, doubted the existence of circular breathing. Come on. Breathing in, while also breathing out. That seems as impossible as perpetual motion or urinating while drinking. I stand corrected. This tutorial really tells you how to breathe circularly. And if you still ar ...more

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