Make Bb Shooting Pen Gun

How To : Make a BB gun out of a pen

A set of pins are taken, separated and the ink section is discarded. An indented piece of metal pipe is placed and taped at one end of one of the pen shells. A small hole is burned into another pen shell. A bb is placed in the burned hole for testing and let out at one end of ...more

How To : Build a paper ball shooting pen gun

This is an easy video tutorial that will teach you how to make a cool and simple paper ball shooting pen gun. You can build this simple pen gun with just a felt pen, a ball-point pen, two paper clips, a knife, and a pair of pliers. This will show you every step to making this ...more

How To : Make a homemade BB gun from a ballpoint pen

Bukullu69 of YouTube found a way to make a bb gun at home, and he is instructing us how to do so. First, you must get a ballpoint pen, and remove the ink tube, so you get a hallow cylinder. Then take a mechanical pencil, and remove the lead tube, leaving you with a hallow cyli ...more

How To : Make an airsoft BB gun out of household items

In this Weapons video tutorial you will learn how to make an airsoft BB gun out of household items. You will need a bog pen and a big pencil. Remove the refill from the pen and remove the cap from the other end, so you are left with the body of the pen which is like a barrel. ...more

How To : Shoot BB guns correctly and safely

With the new Air Strike soft air BB gun, you can safely practice your target shooting skills indoors. This video teaches you proper techniques for improving your score. Easy, fun hobby. Remember to always wear safety glasses and never fire the air soft BB gun at another person ...more

How To : Build a BB machine gun

Granted you have an air compressor, a BB machine gun (BBMG) is a very easy and effective device for shooting BB's at a high rate. The basic principle behind a BBMG is that by adding air into the chamber the BB's are resting in, the BB's will bounce around the chamber at high v ...more

How To : Modify a BB gun into a blowdart gun

With millions of things you could be doing right now, like homework, chores, playing with friends, you'd rather be modding things, like your airsoft rifle. Okay then, grab that airsoft BB gun, and watch this video to see how you can mod it from a lousy BB gun to a havocking bl ...more

How To : Make an airsoft gun with a medicine bottle and pen

In this tutorial, we learn how to make an airsoft gun out of homemade products. First, take an empty medicine bottle with the lid and drill a hole in the bottom of it that's as large as a Crayola marker. After this, take the cap and drill any size hole in it that you want. If ...more

How To : Make an orange peel gun

Have an orange? Want to make a gun? This video will teach you how to make a gun using an orange and a standard household pen. You might want some safety glasses too while making and shooting this orange peel gun, although it seems more like a blowpipe or blowgun with orange pe ...more

How To : Make a paper gun that shoots pens

First you take a pen and a paper, you roll the paper keeping the pen inside the paper. Then remove the pen from it and plaster the paper for effective use. Then take another paper and roll the paper in the same manner but thin that of first one which suits as a handle. Then at ...more

How To : Shoot a BB Gun

Learn how to point, aim, and shoot BB Guns, pellet guns, or air guns in this free instructional video. Part 1 of 11 - How to Shoot a BB Gun. Shoot a BB Gun - Part 2 of 11. Click through to watch this video on Shoot a BB Gun - Part 3 of 11. Click through to wa ...more

How To : Make a Pen Gun That Shoots Bamboo Skewers

Step 1: Find a Pen That Is No Longer Needed (and Obviously Big Enough to Fit a Bamboo Skewer.) Step 2: Gut the Pen Step 3: Find the Other Materials Needed for This Project: Electrical Tape; 2 Popsicle Sticks; Thick Rubber Band; And a Clothes Peg . Step 4: Cut the Rubber Band ...more

How To : Make a semi-automatic pen gun

Making small, nonlethal firearms out of desktop materials is one of the most fun things a student can do in a boring class, and there are a millions ways to do it. This video will teach you how to make an awesome semi-automatic pen gun that will annoy your friends much faster ...more

How To : Make an airsoft machine gun at home

First of all you need medicine bottle, a big pen, some peewee. In case you wish you can also use a compressor fitted with a ball valve throttle. Now take the medicine bottle and make two holes of 1/4 inches into both ends. Once you have done this, you shall get cap with a hole ...more

How To : Make a fun pen-bow that shoots pens

What's better than a pen gun that shoots pens? Nothing. So, grab your pens and check out this video tutorial for the build instructions. This is a great crossbow-style pen gun which doesn't involve paper and shoots better than most makeshift toy shooters. There's minimal mater ...more

How To : Make a super easy and powerful pen gun

A pen gun is a cool way to make a mini weapon with very cheap materials. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a homemade pen gun that is super easy to build and will definitely shoot like a pro. This gun shoots fast, hard and far. You Will Need: *an elastic *tape *a k ...more

How To : Make a homemade BB gun or pea shooter

The young man suggests using a tube such as plastic plumbing. Cut an inch chuck of the plumbing tube for this project, anything from 1/2 to 3/4" in width, preferably a 3/4". Other possibilities could be cutting up a film canister or anything as long as you can see through it.S ...more

How To : Make a pen gun at home

In this video, we learn how to make a gun out of a pen. You will need: 2 pens, rubber band, pins and tape. First, grab your pen and take the inside of it out. Now take the shell and tape the rubber band to one end of it. Now when you pull the rubber band back it will look like ...more

How To : Make a pen into a gun in 20 seconds

In this Weapons video tutorial you will learn how to make a pen into a gun in 20 seconds. This is really very easy and simple to do and takes practically no time. For this you will need a pen and a hand pump. The pen should be a standard big pen. Remove the back of the pen, fi ...more

How To : Make a powerful pen gun

In this video, we learn how to make a pen gun. You will need a rubber band and a pen with a cap. First, disassemble the pen and leave only the ink tube and outer shell of the pen. Next, put the rubber band on the side of the outer shell of the pen and tape it down firmly. Fina ...more

How To : Make a pen shooting bow and arrow out of paper

In this tutorial, learn how to make a totally cool and powerful bow and arrow that shoots whole pens - out of paper! That's right, all you need is some paper and you are halfway there. This gun can be made in class or the office or anywhere else you can find some normal office ...more

How To : Build a compressed air powered dart gun

You need canned air like Dust Off, a needle, a pen and an eraser to make this crafty dart gun that's powered by compressed air! This is quite the powerful dart gun. You can also use to shoot spitballs. It's Dust Off powered dart launcher that you can make from stuff found in a ...more

How To : Shotgun a beer using just your thumb

Impress you drinking buddies with this shotgun beer trick. This trick simply requires your favorite brand of beer and your thumb. Watch and learn how to punch your thumb through a full and sealed can of beer. You'll never need a pen or knife again to shot gun a beer!

How To : Make a paper gun that shoots without blowing

If you ever wanted to create a paper gun that didn't require you to blow into it, then this video tutorial will show you how. The narrator in this video demonstrates and guides you through the entire process of creating your own paper firearm, with bullets also made of paper. ...more

How To : Make a pen gun in three steps

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a pen gun. The materials required to make this gun are: a pen, tape, rubber band and pliers. Begin by taking apart the pen, leaving it with just the tube. Place the rubber band on the side of the pen tube and tape it. Then pull ...more

How To : Make a homemade handheld cannon

This video demonstrates how to use homemade handheld cannon. For this project, you will need the following: an ink pen, duct tape, and air soft BB. Use a ballpoint pen to make the cannon, using rubber bands as the mechanism for propulsion. This should be made in advance. Once ...more

How To : Make explosive ammo

This tutorial shows you how to make explosive ammo. Below are the steps how to do it: 1. Just get some strike anywhere matches. 2. This instruction won't work if you don't have strike anywhere matches. To see if you truly have a strike anywhere match, it should have a differe ...more

How To : Make an extreme dart launcher

See how to make an extreme dart launcher! It's a fun way to shoot darts... with office supplies, you can make this simple dart launcher. It's very fun, and you hit the bull's eye most of the time. To make the dart gun, you will need a rubber band, pen, dart, and binder clip. ...more

How To : Make an airgun out of a water gun

Check out this video tutorial on how to make an airgun out of a water gun. This is a very cheap way to make a powerful homemade airsoft, BB airgun. You will need a water gun or super soaker, a McDonalds plastic straw, airsoft BB's, a hot glue gun, electrical tape and a pair o ...more

How To : Make a cheap mini spud gun

Check out this weapons video tutorial to see how to make a cheap mini spud gun. Now, as much as spud guns are gun, they are dangerous, so be careful and don't shoot anyone. To make this spud gun, you'll need an two thumb tacks, Piezo lighter ignitor, an empty pill bottle, an ...more

Snapseed : Can a $5 App Replace Lightroom and Photoshop?

Snapseed is a highly regarded and award-winning photo-editing app for iOS devices. Originating out of image manipulation specialist Nik Software in San Diego, Snapseed is Apple’s iPad App of the Year and, after using it for the purposes of this review, I believe it points to t ...more

How To : Make a fully automatic airsoft gun

How to make a fully automatic airsoft gun out of 2 common household items. A pen and some sort of small, duarable container. It is powdered by your own breath which you blow through the BlowHole you drill on the side of the canister. It can easily shoot across a strret, and sh ...more

How To : Make a Mini Tactical BB Gun

In this video, I'll be showing how to make a mini spud gun that shoots BBs over 50 feet. You could also use anything else that'll fit in the barrel as ammunition. This miniature BB gun is fairly easy to make, but you should be careful when firing it. I added tape around the c ...more

News : Blow up 100,000 caps at once

Cap guns are fun, but shooting one off won't likely live up to nostalgic childhood memories. The bang is far less scary than we remember. Step up the impact: create some serious explosive fun with 100,000 caps. This simple yet puerile instructional from our favorite punks at ...more

How To : Make a Simple, But Powerful Pen Gun

In my video below, I’ll be showing you how to make a simple, but powerful pen gun pretty much anywhere you want and with very little effort. You can make this at home, in class, or at the office in no time. You can shoot many projectiles with this DIY pen gun, including ink ca ...more

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