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How To : Break down cartoon construction with JohnK

JohnK (creator of Ren and Stimpy) explains cartoon contstruction and how to learn from other people's art. Part 1 of 2 - How to Break down cartoon construction with JohnK. Part 2 of 2 - How to Break down cartoon construction with JohnK.

How To : Break down IP and TCP header with Wireshark

Hak5 isn't your ordinary tech show. It's hacking in the old-school sense, covering everything from network security, open source and forensics, to DIY modding and the homebrew scene. Damn the warranties, it's time to Trust your Technolust. In this episode, see how to break dow ...more

How To : Break down a drum beat and master tempo dynamics

In this brief video tutorial, the host 'Uncle Todd' demonstrates how to 'attack a beat'. This video is intended for beginners. Watch as he shows you how to keep your tempo up as you time your drum strokes in a beat. You should practice my trying just your right foot and your r ...more

How To : Break down the trigger on a Tippmann 98

Instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble on a Tipmann 980. He explains that you have a sear, sear spring, trigger, trigger spring, and five pins. They all come right out. The sear pin is supposed to be black. Take the pine, clean them up, dry them up, and put them bac ...more

How To : Break down a semi-automatic pistol for cleaning

How to break down a semi-automatic pistol for cleaning is demonstrated by John Ritenour. Part 1 of 14 - How to Break down a semi-automatic pistol for cleaning. Break down a semi-automatic pistol for cleaning - Part 2 of 14. Click through to watch this video on ...more

Save Money : Break Down Your Own Chicken

Here's a not-so-well-kept secret about the food industry: retailers love to take your money. And one of the ways they do that is by dividing food into smaller sizes and charging more. Have you ever noticed that a container of precut, washed broccoli costs more than a head of b ...more

How To : Whiten teeth using Photoshop for beginners

In this clip, learn all about how to bleach your teeth in a photo using Photoshop. Make sure you always look your best with these handy tips. This tutorial is broken down for beginners so it is as easy as can be to follow. Check this out and make sure you always put your best ...more

How To : Practice kinesthetic muscle memory for freestyle

Freestyle stroke is broken down into dry land exercises that encourage muscle memory of the points in a stroke where maximum strength is necessary. Dr Rein Haljand demonstrates positions to achieve streamline and balance pressure from elbow and hand.

How To : Draw anatomically correct hands

Sheldon breaks down the structure of the hand. The anatomy of the hands is broken down into simple shapes. Learn how to render anatomically correct hands in human figure sketches by watching this video drawing tutorial.

How To : Do Lady Gaga's trendy dance from "Alejandro"

To many, Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" was a very mystifying - or just outright weird - music video with gay trysts, frozen hearts, and android costumes. While the music video itself has themes and motifs yet to be explored and explained, the dance moves are easily broken down. If ...more

How To : Say "I don't speak English " in Polish

In this video from AbcSchoolofPolish we learn how to say the phrase "I don't speak English" in Polish. It is spoken for us in Polish. It is then broken down so we can see that "nie mowie" means "I don't speak" and "angielsku" means "English." The voice then repeats the phras ...more

How To : Crunk dance

Find out how to do a few crunk dances with help from two pros! Crunk dance is a form of dance that can be broken down into basic hip-hop moves that have a little bit of flair added. Bliss & Zetta are professional hip-hop dancers and choreographers. Learn more dance moves from ...more

How To : Unclog your bathroom sink

Sink making a stink? Never you fear. This DIY home plumbing how-to will teach you how to unclog a bathroom sink, purging it any gross gunk that's accumulated within it. For a step-by-step breakdown of how to fix your own broken down sink, take a look.

Do a Judo throw for Jiu Jitsu : Harai Maki Komi

In this tutorial, Judo Black Belt and BJJ Brown Belt Mark Massey will teach us the judo throw for jiu jitsu. Seen during a match, it's a blur of motion and looks hard to learn. But broken down into steps like this, it's much more manageable.

How To : Improve your butterfly stroke with Steve Parry

Steve Parry, Olympic bronze medallist in the 200m, demonstrates tips to improve your butterfly. Everything is broken down to improving the fundamentals. Work on just the kick, just the stroke with one arm, then the stroke with the other arm, etc. Follow along with this swimmin ...more

How To : Do a rubberband kipup breakdance move

Rubberband, kipups, or kip ups looks like a cool powermove in breakdancing, but it's not hard and everyone can learn it by watching this how-to video. This rubberband breakdance move gets broken down step-by-step, so you can replicate it with some practice. Follow along with t ...more

How To : Draw anatomically correct feet

Sheldon Shows how the structure of the foot works. The anatomy of the foot is broken down into simple shapes. Watch this video drawing tutorial and learn how to draw anatomically correct feet.

How To : Draw anatomically correct people

Drawing an anatomically correct human figure isn't difficult when broken down step by step. Learn how to slow sketch people by building the frame from simple boxes to a refined and finished human body. Follow along with this video tutorial and start drawing people in no time!

How To : Hand shift on the cello

This video is a demonstration of proper shifting technique on the cello. Learn the different hand shifting methods: The underhand and the overhand. Each movement is broken down and explained in detail.

How To : Play Eric Clapton's Layla on guitar

This video is a demonstration of how to play the main riff from Eric Clapton's classic song Layla. Each part of the riff is broken down and explained slowly. Playing the riff involves power chords, pull offs and hammer ons.

How To : Draw a cartoon bird

Stephen Marchant and video jug team up in this short informative video that demonstrates how to draw a cartoon bird. The process is broken down step by step. Each step is explained in detail. Draw a cartoon bird. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Draw a cartoon dog with Stephen Merchant

Cartoonist Stephen Merchant and VideoJug team up to demonstrate how to draw a cartoon dog. Each step along the way is broken down and explained in detail. Draw a cartoon dog with Stephen Merchant. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Do the triple jump

European Indoors champion Phillips Idowu gives you a triple jump masterclass. It can be broken down into four parts, the approach hop, step and jump. The key is to attain maximum speed on the approach until about four steps out from the board, then focus on the remainder. Do t ...more

News : Get money through shameless begging

Begging is a skill. It can be quite helpful in ordinary life situations like traffic court, navigating customer service or getting a babysitter on a Saturday night. That said, should you need precise lessons in panhandling, our friends at Howcast have thoughtfully broken dow ...more

How To : Hack Wi-Fi & Networks More Easily with Lazy Script

Wi-Fi tools keep getting more and more accessible to beginners, and the LAZY script is a framework of serious penetration tools that can be explored easily from within it. This powerful and simple tool can be used for everything from installing new add-ons to grabbing a WPA ha ...more

How To : Fold custom origami bookmarks from the square base

The ancient art of Japanese paper folding is broken down and explained clearly in this video. The video teaches how to create a beautiful bookmark of your own design from a simple single sheet of paper. The instructions use the square base as a jumping off point for showing yo ...more

News : Lindy Hop in a Time Warp

Have you ever been mesmerized by the Lindy Hop? It knocks me out. WonderHowTo has tutorials, but here's an interesting way to absorb the moves: watch in slow motion. The Discovery Channel show Time Warp (tagline: MIT scientist and teacher Jeff Lieberman -- along with digital- ...more

News : 51 Ways to Improve Your Writing

There are a lot of great rules to follow in this link about ways to improve your writing. It's broken down into 4 sections - General, Technical, Life, and The Method. Personally, I like the following rules the best: Write like you speak - which is advice I've always heard but ...more

How To : Draw a menacing, bleeding skull tattoo

Prep for your dream career in tattoo artistry by watching this easy video which shows you how to draw a skull tattoo. Broken down into four parts, you'll keep equal concentration on the skull's head spikes, evil cranial contortion, unexpected eyes, and severe undereye circles. ...more

How To : Do hip-hop footwork

Throw yourself into the world of hip-hop with help from this free lesson. Hip-hop foot work can be broken down into simplified movements or moves that are abstract and contrived to the music being used. Find out how to do a hip-hop combination with help from this free lesson. ...more

How To : Figure out the area of quadrilaterals

Quadrilaterals are four sided shapes that are closed. They are polygons. Quadrilaterals can be classified broadly in two ways. If the quadrilateral has a two pair of parallel sides then it falls in to the parallelogram category. Further now it can be broken down in to other sh ...more

How To : Create a Twilight text effect in Photoshop CS4

In this Inteltus tutorial video, viewers are treated to a step-by-step guide to creating a Twilight inspired text effect in Adobe Photoshop CS4. Starting from scratch, the host goes through the actions in real time, explaining each step of the way. The viewer is free to make t ...more

How To : Nail a kickflip

Get that board spinning! Let the guys show you how to nail the perfect kick flip, or as it was formerly know, a magic flip. The kick flip's principles are simple and can be done by anyone who follows this video correctly. It isn't hard to follow this video as each step is brok ...more

How To : Do the basic Mambo steps

Ever been curious about the Mambo? The Mambo is a popular Cuban style of music and dance, sure to pump up any party or dance floor! Although the Mambo steps can be complicated, get each step broken down and taught with help from this free dance tutorial. With practice, practic ...more

How To : Make raw chocolate-pecan crust

Chaya Ryvka from Raw living foods teaches to make raw chocolate-pecan crust. You will need: pecans, raw cocoa nuts and powder, dates, vanilla, salt and food processor. First put the pecans into the food processor. Later add the raw cocoa nuts (make sure its raw ) and raw cocoa ...more

How To : Easily draw a horse

Drawing of a horse is broken down into a helpful series of tips and tricks in this nice, succinct tutorial video. Step 1, the video describes the use of ovals and other simple shapes, to begin to plan the overall structure, for later. Step 2, around those ovals and simple shap ...more

How To : Graph a straight line given its equation

Doug Simms who runs a page at free math tutoring shows in this video a very broken down process that can help you understand how to graph a straight line from an algebraic equation and why it is that way. On a smart projecting board, in a slide show creating software, he expla ...more

How To : Perform basic Argentine Tango steps for the leader

Graciela Heredia, a professional Argentine Tango dancer and instructor of twenty years teams up with video jug to explain basic Argentine Tango steps for the leader. Many basics are discussed in the video as well as history, dress code, preparations for dancing, and the basic ...more

News : Rick Roll

Puzzled? We were too, when Bryan here at Wonder'HowTo punked us-- hiding this 80's music video in an email entitled 'WonderHowTo on Colbert Report'. Doh! Totally fell for it! Twice. Sorry Rick Astley, your 'classic' music video is now more torture than art. We've riffled thr ...more

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