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How To : Make tab top curtains

Learn how to make tab top curtains with expert sewing tips about all you need to know in this free home decorating video series on making tab top curtains. Part 1 of 18 - How to Make tab top curtains. Make tab top curtains - Part 2 of 18. Click through to watch this video on e ...more

How To : Make cheap curtain rods

Curtain rods can be pretty expensive especially if you need to hang curtains in eery room. This how to video gives you a great idea for making cheap, attractive curtain rods. You can make your home beautiful but still not spend a lot of money. Check out this tutorial and find ...more

How To : Make thermal curtains

This video is an instructional tutorial on how to make thermal curtains. Thermal curtains are a low cost method of reducing your heating bill by increasing the R value of your windows with an aesthetic, insulative curtain. Watch and learn how easy it is to keep the cold out an ...more

How To : Make shower curtains

Learn how to make and sew a shower curtain including what fabrics to use, what supplies are needed and how sew the different parts of a shower curtain with expert sewing tips from a seamstress in this free crafting video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Make shower curtains. Make ...more

How To : Make a beaded curtain

Want to spice up your room with a cool curtain?! Well you can hang the colorful beaded curtain demonstrated in this how-to video on a window, in your doorway, or even around your bed! You will need heavy duty thread, a needle, lots of colorful drinking straws, a container of b ...more

News : How to Make an Amazing Pac-Man Shower Curtain!

Check out this How-to from Craftnerdy that shows you how to make an amazingly nerdy shower curtain in the likeness of Pac-Man. Get your nerd craft on! Pacman is Watching you Shower O.o. Hang it, enjoy it, and don’t forget to show it off to everyone who enters your house!

How To : Make your own curtains

In these video clips you’ll learn how to make your own curtains. Expert artist and fashion designer Lindsay Sanders demonstrates the process of making window treatments composed of a valence and panels in easy to follow steps. She discusses the types and styles of valences and ...more

How To : Make a foam flower curtain with your child

Help your child decorate their room! This tutorial shows you how to use craft foam to construct a curtain of flowers. In addition to the foam, you will also need a glitter pencil, decorative ribbon and a pair of kid safe craft scissors.

How To : Make DIY curtains for any window

Having trouble finding curtains that fit your decor and your price range? Why not make your own? Watch this video to learn how with a little sewing skill you can make curtains yourself that will match any decor and fit any window.

How To : Make curtains

Learn how-to DIY your curtains with this apartment therapy! Start by measuring your windows across and down.

How To : Make a pom pom curtain

Children like to have fun things in their rooms. A pompom curtain is perfect for a little girl to have and pretend it is the entrance to her castle. A young boy might like a plain colored pompom curtain to pretend it is the entrance to the dungeon where he keeps his monsters! ...more

How To : Make a card curtain

Are your favorite trading cards and postcards just sitting in a box under your bed? Well pull them out and learn how to turn them into your very own customized curtains by watching this how-to video. You will need a stack of trading cards, playing cards, or colored paper, a si ...more

How To : make curtains open with a measuring tape

This video is very clever, if a bit Rube Goldberg. It is the kind of thing that would be entirely charming if executed by an 8 year old boy. That said, not too many wives would choose the measuring tape over a mechanical or an electric draw string. Very Tim Allen. The idea ...more

How To : Hang Curtains Without Making Holes in the Wall

For anyone who lives in a space that may frown upon making holes in the walls, or for anyone who may not want to take on such a task, there's a simple alternative to hanging curtains or drapes. And the answer is brilliantly simple. Look no further than 3M Command hooks. Yes, ...more

How To : Install a new shower curtain rod & shower curtain

A new shower curtain rod and curtain is one of the best ways to freshen up the look in a bathroom! This video shows you how to mount a new shower curtain rod and hang a fresh shower curtain on your new shower rod! For this project, you will need: a shower curtain rod, shower c ...more

How To : Install a Hanging Room Divider - IKEA KVARTAL

Whether you own or rent, it’s not always easy to decorate a studio apartment to keep the bed out of sight. In this episode, you’ll see how to divide a studio apartment with an IKEA KVARTAL system. Panels, curtains and art hanging from the ceiling tracks give the illusion of a ...more

How To : Make a Halloween robe costume

Its almost about that time, do you know what your going as for Halloween? If you're still unsure, watch this how-to video as Rob gives some old curtains some new life and turns them into the quintessential Halloween robe. Good for warlocks, witches, reapers and creepers. Watch ...more

How To : Pleat a swag curtain

Swag curtains add great decorative touches to a bear window or room. Watch this sewing how-to video to learn how to pleat your swag curtain so that it hangs on your window beautifully. Once you learn how easy it is to pleat swag curtains you will be creating window treatments ...more

How To : Take a shower properly

Robert Jackson shows how to take a shower properly. He covers things such as shower curtains, shower structure and cleaning. Watch video for best results.

How To : Stage a theatrical set

In this video series, watch as school theater expert Peggy Charlton teaches theatrical staging basics. Learn how to build sets, the location of he different areas of the stage, what a cyclorama is, how to use the curtains on a stage, how to design a set, how to identify the ap ...more

How To : 7 Non-Shower Uses for Shower Curtains

Shower curtains and shower curtain liners are great for making sure that your bathroom floor doesn't collect water, but eventually you'll want to replace them. When you do, the old one can be repurposed for a number of practical uses around the house and outdoors. You can use ...more

How To : Model wavy window curtains in Autodesk 3ds Max

This video tutorial is meant to help you model your own curtains in Autodesk 3ds Max. If you need some window curtains, this is the best way to model them. You'll learn how to do it using several modifiers and layer techniques. You can download the finished curtain from Visual ...more

How To : Sew curtains

Learn how to sew curtains, how to choose the correct fabric and how to install them when you've completed a curtain sewing project with expert sewing instructions in this free crafting video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Sew curtains. Sew curtains - Part 2 of 15. Click through ...more

News : How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Using Less Pesticide

Bed bugs are parasites not yet known to spread disease — but they cause plenty of irritation. As scientists and landlords search for new ways to deal with the pests, a new study examines how we can deter bed bugs without so many chemicals. While they don't infect us with anyt ...more

How To : Hang drapery with drapery end hooks

Drapery panels add decorative touches to any bare window or room. Watch this Home & Garden how to video to learn how to use drapery end hooks with 4 prong hooks to hang your draperies. Keep watching the video and learn an easy way to hang flat panel curtains.

How To : Install swag jabots window treatments

Swag curtains jabots curtains add decorative touches to bare windows. Learn how to quickly and easily install layered swag and jabot curtains with the help of this Home & Garden how to video. All you need for these swag curtains is your finished curtains and mounting tape.

How To : Get rid of bed bugs

It truly is hard to sleep tight when the bed bugs bite, since these insidious creatures are very real, and very nasty. You’ll have to be persistent to get rid of them. Step 1: Know your enemy Know your bed bugs. They’re flat, oval-shaped, wingless, brownish—but will swell and ...more

DIY Contest Entry : Putting Pennies to Good Use

It'd be nice to see what a penny will buy these days. Maybe you could draw something showcasing the many uses still available today for a penny (if any). With gas prices rising, it'd be nice to know you can still get something out of one cent. Some ideas? Make a wish in a fo ...more

How To : 8 More Weird Ways to Cool Down This Summer

Eating chili peppers may not be your first idea for cooling down during a hot summer day, but there's a reason why many of the spiciest foods in the world come from places notorious for extremely hot weather. Spicy food makes you sweat without raising your body temperature, an ...more

Expert Advice : Four Ways Doctors Keep Themselves Healthy

Staying healthy is a progressive challenge we all face throughout our lives, and figuring out just how to do that can be a challenge when it's not your job. For doctors, however, it is. Here's how they keep themselves healthy day to day. While it won't surprise you to learn t ...more

How To : Create A Nice Curtain In GIMP

Hello everyone, This is my first tutorial posted on WonderHowTo and as a starter I wanted to show you how to make a nice curtain in GIMP, the free Photoshop alternative. Even though GIMP does not have all the features of his expensive brother, you can still do some cool desig ...more

How To : 9 Non-Shower Uses for Shower Curtain Rings

If you ever need to carry multiple plastic bags of heavy groceries from your car to your home, but don't want to strain your fingers or take multiple trips, use a shower curtain ring to carry all of them at once. Other than keeping your shower curtains hanging from your showe ...more

How To : Hang a shower curtain

This video gives step by step instruction on how to hang a shower curtain. In case you can't figure it out this video should help.

News : Tiny Robotic Curtain Thwarts Would-Be Peeping Toms

How can a small curtain cover a window three to four times its own size? With a motor and a robot brain, that's how! Creator Niklas Roy explains his "little piece of privacy": "My workshop is located in an old storefront with a big window facing towards the street. In an att ...more

How To : Mount a curtain rail to a brick wall

Video shows how to mount a curtain rail to a brick wall. Using a drill, plastic rack mounts, wall brackets and patience, mounting your curtains will be easier with the help of this video. Mount a curtain rail to a brick wall. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Arrange a dorm room for privacy

Don't let the prison cell dimensions discourage you. There are ways to carve out a little personal space. Curtains, space dividers, and even loft beds help. Watch this video interior design tutorial and learn how to arrange a dorm room for privacy.

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