Make Elegant Black

How To : Make a Elegant Gold & Jet Black Stack Card

In this cardmaking project I make a gorgeous and very elegant card using the DCWV Jet Black stack. I create a large card with embellishments all made fro m the stack with a touch of gold card to give it a touch of luxury. This is an easy card to make that with only a little h ...more

How To : Do a Super Quick Mani?!

Check out this step by step, easy nail art design video for elegant black and white nails that can be done in less than a minute on each nail ! Video: . For Nail art tutorials - Thanks for watching! Do share your opinions ...more

Build a Home Arcade Machine : Part 1

Remember the arcades? Were you saddened when they closed up one by one, leaving no outlet to actually go out and socialize while you played video games? With all the home consoles and internet connectivity, gaming has evolved, but the social factor has been eliminated. Sure we ...more

How To : Make a black tea and bergamot infused ganache

An elegant take on the traditional ganache. For this recipe, you will need: 1 quart heavy cream, 2 ounces loose black tea (Earl Grey workes best), 1/2 ounce rose water, 8 ounces sugar, 2 1/2 pounds of chocolate and 8 ounces softened butter. Make a black tea and bergamot infuse ...more

How To : Make a tasty, elegant sauteed and seared monkfish

This is an easy recipe that also shows you the proper way to sear fresh fish. All you need for this recipe is: skinless monkfish fillets, fine sea salt, ground black pepper, Wondra, olive oil and thyme or other fresh herbs to garnish. Make a tasty, elegant sauteed and seared m ...more

How To : Create Mila Kunis' 2011 Golden Globes elegant updo

"Black Swan" star Mila Kunis exemplified just what Golden Globes dressing was all about by donning a gorgeous deep green body contouring Vera Wang gown on the red carpet at the 2011 Golden Globes. Because her dress was so dramatic, she kept her makeup simple and feminine and ...more

How To : Choose the right evergreen tree for your landscape

In this video from nmsuaces we learn about choosing the right evergreen tree for your landscape. Upright Junipers are very good for the landscape. A topiary pruned juniper is something that the homeowner can maintain in the spiral form it is. An Austrian black pine is good for ...more

How To : Make a lady bug shaped smash cake

We'd never complain about eating cake - red velvet, bourbon vanilla, gold old chocolate - but we absolutely burst our bubble when our favorite sweet goodies come wrapped in even sweeter packages. Take this lady bug shaped smash cake, for instance. Covered with a layer of red ...more

How To : Create a black and white reverse French manicure

French manicures are classic and elegant but if French manicures are all you wear then you're probably feeling your nails look more blah than Audrey Hepburn at the moment. If you need nails that can transition from work to play then check out this video. You'll learn how to c ...more

How To : Apply a cream , orange and brown eye makeup look

Watch this instructional cosmetics video to apply cream, orange and brown eye shadow over a white base for a an elegant autumnal effect. You will need MAC paintpot soft ochre, MAC eyeshadows - mylar, bamboo, espresso, rule darkbrown eyeshadow, brown liner, black liner black ma ...more

News : Thursday additions

There were some additions to the game today that are not part of a theme. First off we have a new Co-Op that you can join to win the Truck Seeder And there are 2 new crops: Rhubarb Zucchini New prizes from the free mystery gift. Let me know what you get on the fan page! ...more

How To : Change your look from day to evening in 5 minutes

No need to run home from work to change for an evening on the town. With some simple switches, you can be on your way. Follow this Howcast guide to learn how to change your look from day to evening in just five minutes. You Will Need * A sparkly or jewel-tone sleeveless top, ...more

How To : Make a Kir Royale

A variant of a Kir, named for the French mayor who sweetened his white wine with a black currant liqueur, the Royale replaces wine with Champagne for a simple but elegant pleasure.

How To : Colonel Sanders' KFC Recipe Revealed!

The Holy Grail of chicken has just been found by an unsuspecting reporter of the Chicago Tribune. Yes, that's right: The secret 11 herbs and spices in Colonel Sanders' Original Recipe chicken has finally been revealed, and it looks legit as hell. While a copy of the Original ...more

News : Pencil + Camera Mashup

Drawing is a popular here at Wonderhowto, as is photography. Put the two together and...voila, enter Ben Heine. Heine is an Ivory coast born artist who is garnering some attention these days. His mashup is elegant, not unlike the art of Sleeveface. And truth be told, the comb ...more

How To : Create a Courtney Cox makeup look from Cougar Town

Want to look like Courtney Cox Arquette from her hit series Cougar Town? Courtney Cox is absolutely beautiful in her show, so why not steal some of her looks for personal use? Princess Pinkcat shows you how she creates her Courtney Cox makeup look from Cougar Town. Check out ...more

News : Sexy Black Dress = Cell Phone?

We've seen wearable electronics before, but we've yet to see a dress that dually operates as a cell phone. The idea is interesting, though not especially pragmatic (yet). "The M-Dress is an elegant silk jersey dress that is also a functional soft electronics mobile phone. Th ...more

How To : Make individual cheese souffles

Maria makes "easy and elegant Cheese Souffles" that are perfect for an appetizer. a main course, or a light main course. The recipe can be made in advance and kept in a refrigerator right up until cooking; and, takes very little time to prepare. Preparation: 1. Preheat oven t ...more

How To : Do Hanging Pearls Nails

This is a very simple and quick nail design that looks so stunning ! Video: . You will need: base coat top coat, black polish caviar beads lace stickers half pearls The good thing about this type of nail art design is that it can be done on long and short nails very easily a ...more

How To : Do Gradient Glitter Nails with Konad Stamping

I recently stumbled upon this lovely design created by Nichole, from nail polish wars, and was instantly inspired to ask for her permission to use her pictures to make a slideshow presentation of her wonder work! I like to call them mystical nails!! Video: . This is a very ele ...more

How To : Burn Your Tomatoes and Make an Amazing Dish!

This recipe is inspired by Francis Mallmann's book "seven fires" Creating a simple and elegant dish on the grill, cooked over coals. The burnt tomato bruschetta takes the tomato to a whole new place. By coating the fruit in flavoursome oil and covering in sea salt and ground ...more

How To : 10 Stuffed Avocado Recipes to Die For

A perfectly ripe avocado half is a lovely snack, and a creamy bowl of homemade guacamole can make a meal. But the following ten ideas take green-eating up a notch by stuffing avocado halves with your favorite salads and ingredients, turning them into a snack or side dish fit f ...more

How To : Do Basic Pearl Nail Designs

This is a very simple and easy basic pearl nail design video that I wanted to share with you all ! Hope you like it ! Video: . You will need: base coat top coat, blue polish caviar beads half pearls The good thing about this type of nail art design is that it can be done on ...more

How To : Do Bridal French Tip Nails

This is one of the most easy bridal nail designs that you will ever find on the internet and it is so adorable, I personally fell in love with it the moment I saw this nail art design . Here is me explaining how to do this nail art design in a steo by step fashion : Video: . ...more

News : Sip in Style with These Delectable Cocktail Rims

Cocktail rims are an easy way to add extra fun and pizzazz to your favorite drink; Most cocktail rims only take a few minutes to put together, and are a great way to add a burst of flavor to compliment what you're drinking. The best part is that you can save money and get a m ...more

News : Steampunk Bottle (a Red and Malevolent Glow)

Thought I would cross-post a piece I did a while ago. So here is a piece I made a while back. I found this brass and glass bottle at the thrift store. At the time of purchase it had a broken music box on the bottom. I actually was able to fix the music box and it plays "How D ...more

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