Make Garter Belts

How To : Make a sexy garter belt for your wedding

With all the insane, brain-bursting guest lists, flower arrangements, catering, and dress hunting, your wedding can just as much be the most frustrating and aneurism-inducing day of your life as the most special. Make your wedding day a little less work and a little more fun ...more

How To : Wear a garter belt

Garter belts are SOOO sexy. Why do you think almost every picture of the Victoria's Secret Angels shows them clad in a teeny corset or bra and a garter belt? Because honey, it's hot. So whether you're looking to spice up you lackluster sex life or simply want to feel a little ...more

How To : Create a boudoir pink lace and polka dot nail look

You don't need to don a garter belt and balconet push up bra to feel like a sexy, burlesque vixen. As not everyone can pile on the silk and red lipstick like Christina Aguilera, this cheeky nail look may just be the next best thing. Check out this video to learn how to create ...more

Garters : Ain't Just for Holdin' Stockings! (Loom Knit)

Garter Belt? Garter stitch! Yes, it is the Garter Stitch. The tried and true. The classic knit sequence stitch pattern of running a row of knit stitches and then a row of purl and back to knit. Start your project & finish in this stitch on your panel, scarf, or hat won't curl ...more

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