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How To : Make an Electric Cigar Box Guitar for $25

A large number of the greatest musicians to ever shape the history of sound first learned to play on cheap, dirty, and often times even homemade instruments. There is a very unique atmosphere that comes about when creating music with something made by your own hands—out of wha ...more

How To : Make an origami guitar out of a dollar bill

This is a great bar trick you can use to amuse your friends with! Or, you can be the cool aunt or uncle at the family reunion. All you need is a dollar bill (larger denominations will obviously also work). Then just follow a few steps outlined in this video to fold the bill in ...more

How To : Make the Guitar Bar decorative knot

In this video, we learn how to make the guitar bar decorative knot. First, set up the bard then cow hitch two strips of rope side by side. Next, measure each bar to 12 inches long and make sure you have 12 feet of rope. After this, build the frets of the bar, and while you are ...more

How To : Make an electric guitar shaped birthday cake

In this Food video tutorial you will learn how to make an electric guitar shaped birthday cake. Take a 13 x 9” cake. Trim off the top to make it level. Flip it over, place the template of the guitar on it. The template is in two parts. Then cut out the cake. Now lay it out o ...more

How To : Make a guitar pick display case

To start off making the guitar pick case, the apparatus you need here is an old CD case, scissors, a pencil, ruler, background design, the guitar picks, blue tack, knife and glue. Open the CD case and remove the holder part of the CD case using the knife. Cover the back side u ...more

How To : Make a DIY guitar cut-out for a party centerpiece

A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. demonstrates how to construct a do-it-yourself music guitar cut out for your musical theme party centerpieces. The guitar is accented with guitar strings made from black yard, heavy black card stock and clear push pins. Judy shows how to take a pla ...more

How To : Make a three string guitar out of a cigar box

This video will show viewers how to simply make a 3 string guitar using an empty cigar box, a piece of oak, some string, and a few eyebolts. You start with a 1 by 2 piece of oak which is about 3 feet long. First, you should begin by making some markings along one side of the o ...more

How To : Make a guitar strap

This video series from our expert Candi Cane-Canncel. Candi will guide you through the steps to create your own unique guitar strap. Part 1 of 14 - How to Make a guitar strap. Make a guitar strap - Part 2 of 14. Click through to watch this video on Make a gui ...more

How To : Play "Make It Mine" by Jason Mraz on guitar

Learn how to play "Make It Mine" by Jason Mraz, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Standard Tuning: Guitar Chords Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D Em7 D# A# C —3——x—-7—-5—5—7—6—6—8—-| —5——8—-7—-5—7—8—8—6—8—-| —4–or–9—-7—-5—7—7—8—7—9—-| — ...more

How To : Make a strap lock for guitar

In this guitar tutorial, learn this great tip on how to make your own strap lock system for musical instruments. No modifications are required to the original buttons or button holes. They can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. They are sometimes called "lock-picks." ...more

How To : Make a guitar pedal board

This how to video teaches you how to make a guitar pedal board. All you need is: 1. One piece of flat scrap board 2. One 2x4 3. wood screws 4. drill 5. spray paint 6. Velcro Follow the steps in this tutorial and you will be storing your pedals on a homemade pedal board in no t ...more

How To : Make a Homemade Ghetto Guitar from a Cigar Box

Feel the need to rock but can't afford a guitar? Until you are earning a rock star's salary, why not make your very own guitar at home for cheap? In this tutorial, learn how to make a "ghetto guitar" out of cigar boxes that is totally playable. This guitar is super cool and r ...more

How To : Make a homemade electric guitar

In this video series, watch as professional guitarist and skilled craftsmen Frank Pope teaches how to build an electric guitar. Learn how to cut the body, install the truss rod, make the fingerboard, make fret inlay, install the bridge, set the wires and electronics, and stain ...more

How To : Make a balloon bass guitar

Balloon twister Addi Somekh shows us how to make and play a Balloon Bass. The instrument is based on the balloon resonator originally conceived by Canadian twister Sean Rooney. This is a very popular technique among younger children.

How To : Make DIY guitar pick earrings

In this video you learn to make earrings out of guitar picks. You will need round nose and regular pliers, wire cutters, 2 regular picks, bead reamer, earring hooks, jump rings, and long silver strands. Use the bead reamer to make a nice clean hole on the top edge of the guita ...more

How To : Make a balloon electric guitar

Check out this video to learn how to twist a balloon guitar using three and sometimes four balloons. This is a very useful, slow, and instructive video. Part 1 of 2 - How to Make a balloon electric guitar. Part 2 of 2 - How to Make a balloon electric guitar.

How To : Make a Guitar Hero clone

Everyone and their moms are into Guitar Hero nowadays. If you can't afford this great game, check out this tutorial and learn how to create your own Guitar Hero clone using free software and a controller that you can make using parts that total around $22. The free software us ...more

How To : Make a sound hole for a guitar

Check out this instructional guitar video that shows you how to make a sound hole for a guitar. Follow the simple step by step instructions outlined in this guitar tutorial video and make a sound hole for you guitar. A lot of experimentation has been done lately putting the so ...more

How To : Make a cigar box guitar

Make a fully functional electric guitar with a cigar box and some wood. This is brought to you by Geek Dad from Wired Science. Make a cigar box guitar. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Make a guitar strap out of duct tape

Time to trade in that rainbow guitar strap from something that fits your rock n' roll attitude. Well, nothing screams grunge louder than a guitar strap made out of duct tape. This simple tutorial shows you how to wrap it up, then strap it up. Rock on!

How To : Make your guitar sound like a whale's song

Do you like the sounds a whale makes? Would you like to make your guitar sing like a whale? Gary Schutt will show you how. You will need a good delay, with a half and half mix. The sweat back time is approximately every second with a long fade off. You want the distortion to b ...more

How To : Play "Life's What You Make It" on guitar

Playing popular songs on the guitar is not as difficult as it seems. With this tutorial you can learn how to play "Life's What You Make It" by Hannah Montana on the electric guitar. This lesson is geared towards intermediate guitarists because it assumes prior knowledge of gui ...more

How To : Make guitar pick earrings out of credit cards

We've all heard of and seen guitar pick earrings. They're really rock'n'roll and show you've got an indie, alternative edge to your style. But sometimes we need to use those guitar picks for, well, guitar picking, so is there any other way to get the same look without sacrific ...more

How To : Make your guitar sound sorta like a lightsaber

Marty Schwartz demonstrates a guitar trick--how to make your electric guitar sound like a light saber from Star Wars. First, he turns his volume knob all the way down. Then, he plucks the string, keeping the front side of the guitar facing away from the camera. Then, after he ...more

How To : Make a guitar pick from credit or gift cards

Reuse an expired credit or empty gift card to make a guitar pick instead of buying a brand new pick. You will need a pick, nail file (or sandpaper), card, and sharp scissors. Each card will probably yield about four or five picks. With a pen or Sharpie, outline your pick onto ...more

How To : Put custom songs in Guitar Hero 3

Watch this video to learn how to add custom songs to your Guitar Hero 3 play list. Rock out to an infinite number of new songs with this cool Guitar Hero mod. Note: this only works for the computer version of GH3 Here are some of the web sites you will need: 1: Chart to Mid ...more

How To : Turn a guitar into a ukulele (with a capo)

This is a short video describing where to place a capo on a standard tuned guitar to make it playable in the same positions and notes as a ukulele. Basically, you place a capo on the 5th fret and only play the bottom four strings. It's difficult to avoid the top two strings, ...more

How To : Use a digital tuner to tune your guitar

Guitars will need to be tuned continuously to ensure that it is tuned for the correct scale and notes so your music makes sounds the way you intend. If you haven’t been playing forever, you will probably need the assistance of an electric tuner to find the note. This video wil ...more

How To : Play "One" by Metallica on acoustic guitar

Check out this instructional acoustic guitar video to learn a few parts from Metallica's song called "One." This is one of Metallica's well known songs. Improve your guitar playing skills by learning how to play this Grammy Award winning song "One" on acoustic guitar with this ...more

How To : Start Playing Guitar (For Beginners)

Do you think playing guitar is that easy? It takes time and effort to learn the basic to extreme skills for playing a guitar! But you're lucky, simply because I will make everything easy for you by teaching you how to play guitar, my friend! Anatomy of a Guitar Let's start! ...more

How To : Unlock all cheats on Guitar Hero: Metallica

This is a video of all known cheats in the game, Guitar Hero: Metallica for the Xbox 360. This cheat from Mahalo Gaming allows you to get all instruments and characters for Guitar Hero: Metallica. This is the brand new GH game starring the legendary rock band Metallica. Enjoy! ...more

How To : Play "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley acoustic guitar

In this tutorial, you'll learn to play Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" on the acoustic guitar. While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate and advanced players, any guitarist will be well served by the close-up shots it presents of the player's left and right hands.

How To : Play "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits on guitar

Want to impress your friends by whipping out your guitar and strumming some of their favorite tunes the next time you are at a party? This guitar lesson teaches you how to play the Dire Straits song "Sultans of Swing." Once you get a hang of these popular guitar chords and tun ...more

How To : Set up a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

In these do it yourself guitar tech videos, learn how to set up the famous Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Our expert will walk you through some basic techniques, including how to make truss rod adjustments, how to set the string level, how to loosen or tighten the spring ...more

How To : Play "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias on acoustic guitar

Aaron from Free and Easy Guitar shows how to play Enrique Iglesias' "Hero" on the acoustic guitar. The song requires a four-finger G chord with the string picking order 6, 3, 1, 2, 3, and 2. This is repeated four times for the introduction. The chorus is strummed using any cho ...more

News : Beautiful Custom Steampunk Guitar

I've seen some pretty ugly steampunked guitars in my day, but this isn't one of them. This one's about as beautiful as they get. French company Wild Customs made this Gibson LesPaul into a steampunk masterpiece. Check out some of these photos:

How To : Play Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" on guitar

In this instructional acoustic guitar video, learn how to play the song "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's. This tutorial is great for advanced and beginners alike. Finger pick this fun song by the Plain White T's and improve your guitar playing skills. Practice playin ...more

How To : Play Taylor Swift 'You Belong With Me' on guitar

Play Taylor Swift 'You Belong With Me' on guitar with this tutorial on playing this famous pop star's hit song. This is a thorough tutorial including tabs and chords that gets you playing this pop song on an acoustic guitar pretty quickly.

How To : Set up a Fender Telecaster electric guitar

In these do it yourself guitar tech videos, learn how to set up a Fender Telecaster electric guitar. Our expert will walk you through some basic techniques, including how to make truss rod adjustments, how to set the string level, and how to change the pickup height—all tips f ...more

How To : Play a simple guitar boogie in G

Check out this music tutorial video that demonstrates how to play a simple guitar boogie in G. This instructional video provides fret diagrams and live action to show how to play a simple boogie in G. This video is aimed at budding fingerstyle guitar players, but can be adapte ...more

How To : Play "Dear God" by Avenged Sevenfold on guitar

Learn how to play "Dear God" by Avenged Sevenfold, an acoustic guitar tutorial. Follow along with this demonstration, tabs and lyrics here: Standard Tuning: Intro: F-C-Dm-Am-B-F-C x2 F C Dm Am A lonely road, crossed another cold state line B F C Miles away from those I love ...more

How To : Build an SRV Stratocaster guitar

Learn in great detail how to build your own SRV Stratocaster using recycled guitar parts. Instruction includes how to select the best parts for your new guitar. Part 1 of 10 - How to Build an SRV Stratocaster guitar. Part 2 of 10 - How to Build an SRV Stratocaster guitar. Pa ...more

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