Make Homemade Christmas Gift From Rose Petal Soap

How To : Make homemade christmas gift from rose petal soap

Here is an idea for a nice smelling homemade christmas gift. This video will show you how to make rose petal soap in a matter of minutes. Remember you can use items other than rose petals! Supplies needed: fake roses, alligator clips, scissors, tall glass, fragrances, glycerin ...more

How To : Make homemade christmas gift soap from scratch

Learn how to make your own soap from scratch. Making your own soap allows you to combine a little bit of creativity, a little bit of cooking, and a little bit of science into something you can use everyday. Homemade soap also makes a great Christmas Gift!

How To : Make homemade christmas gift chunk soap

Once you've mastered the basics of soap making, undoubtedly you will want to add some creative touches to your own soaps. Learn how to make your soap unique by splashing colorful chunks and slivers in it. This is perfect for christmas gift. Time to show your creativity once a ...more

How To : Make Homemade Honey Soap for Christmas Gift

Rina and I invited homemade soap master over to our house.She showed us how to make our own very special honey soap. its a great idea for Christmas/Holiday gift. Martha Stewart's gonna be freaking proud of Rina. Video: .

How To : Make your own bath bombs

Add some fizzle and sizzle to bath time with a homemade bath bomb. Bath bombs make great holiday or birthday gifts. You will need: 1 c. baking soda 1/2 c. cornstarch 1/2 c. citric acid 2 1/2 tbsp. sweet almond oil 1/8 c. distilled water 6 drops of the essential oil of your ch ...more

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