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How To : Make DIY lingerie for Valentine's Day

It's that time of the year again to add a little bit of sexiness to your wardrobe. So in celebration of Valentines Day, Rob and Corinne visit homemade underwear extraordinaire Clare Bare for lesson on how to make your own undies. Clare Bare's Underwear Pattern: http://www.thr ...more

How To : Make Christmas lingerie

Surprise your partner this holiday with an early Christmas gift! In this tutorial you will learn how to sew your own set of Christmas lingerie. Dress up as a naughty Mrs. Claus and give your hubby the gift of you! I'm sure this is one gift he will be delighted to unwrap!

News : Oklahoma City Mayor Bans Lingerie Football

Boo. C'mon, Mayor Cornett, where's your sense of fun? Minus the Victoria's Secret, these girls look like pretty serious athletes. Mick Cornett reportedly said "there are too many problems to list" and the LFL will be banned from all city-owned venues. reports below ...more

News : DIY Clap-Off Bra

If the whale tail cookies and edible undies weren't naughty enough, you've still got about 24 hours left before Valentine's Day to whip up one of F.A.T. artist Randy Sarafan's step-by-step clap-off bras. Inspired by the electronic singing panties and remote-controlled bras of ...more

HowTo : Learn CPR (the Super Sexy Way)

Oh, brother. For those of you who are rolling your eyes right now, I have one thing to say... I couldn't help myself, I'm sorry! But for those that enjoy a little tongue-in-cheek sexy fun, well... go right ahead and enjoy yourself. HowTo: master CPR (or be swayed into buying ...more

How To : Design panties and lingerie bottoms

Designing panties and lingerie takes a talented fashion designer who knows sexy, comfort and materials well. Learn to design panties and lingerie bottoms from a designer in this free fashion design video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Design panties and lingerie bottoms. Design ...more

How To : Transform a Bra into a Sexy Baby Doll

Start with one of your favorite bras, and then get some tricot or chiffon and thick elastic tape in a matching color, plus a contrasting ribbon. Then just follow the tutorial to make your own super sexy baby doll lingerie! Video: .

How To : Identify poorly fitting bras

These are tell tale signs that your lingerie or underwear is poorly fitting. It should not be uncomfortable, too loose or too tight. Your breasts can only look their best in a properly fitting bra.

News : The 15 Most Viral Costumes for Halloween 2015

If you don't want to dress up as a vampire, witch, werewolf, or zombie again this Halloween, step things up a notch and go viral. There have been a ton of funny memes and absurd news since last October, so the only hard part is settling on the right one for inspiration for you ...more

How To : Fit a bra

Finding a bra that fits correctly and looks good can be tough. For years women have dealt with uncomfortable and ugly bras and lingerie, but in this video series, our expert will give you the information to find the perfect bra. She will give tips and advice on how to measure ...more

How To : Wash bras and panties

The most used and most washed articles of clothing are undergarments. Underwear, specifically bras and panties, are in desperate need of attention after each and every use. They're not like a pair of jeans, wearing them twice in a row is not a good idea, nor clean. Shabby’s no ...more

How To : Choose a well fitting bra

Want to learn about lingerie? This video teaches you about different types of bras and which ones to choose to flatter your shape: balcony or half-cup bras to boost cleavage, supportive underwire bras, full-cup bras for women with fuller busts, and plunge bras that enhance cle ...more

How To : Get lingerie tips for women

Like it not, you've got to wear underwear sometimes, and for women that includes a bra and panties. If walking into a lingerie store is a daunting task, let our expert teach you everything you need to know about women's underwear. Part 1 of 14 - How to Get lingerie tips for wo ...more

How To : Organize your collection of bras

Chances are that if you've attended any amount of Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sales, you've probably got enough bras to start your own lingerie store. But because you don't have an entire showroom to store those babies, your bras are probably just lying around wherever the ...more

How To : Fold a slip or a night gown

In this how to video, the Beverly Hills Organizer, Linda Koopersmith demonstrates how to fold a slip or a night gown. The storage of your clothes or lingerie makes a huge difference in the appearance and longevity of your garments. Watch this organizing tutorial and you will b ...more

How To : Fit a bra

Finding a well fitting bra can be difficult for many women. Our certified bra fitter is here to teach you how to fit a bra, with expert tips on fashion bras and strapless bras in this free video series on women's lingerie. Part 1 of 16 - How to Fit a bra. Fit a bra - Part 2 of ...more

How To : Fit a bra for plus-size women

Are you a plus size woman? Has your bra been bugging you? Too loose? Too tight? Then you might not be wearing the proper sized brassiere. Check out this video tutorial to learn how to fit a bra for plus-size women. This bra fitting guide is brought to you by Lingerie Shops of ...more

How To : Fold a camisole

In this how to video, the Beverly Hills Organizer, Linda Koopersmith demonstrates how to fold a camisole. The storage of your shirts and lingerie makes a huge difference in the appearance and longevity of your garments. Watch this organizing tutorial and you will be properly f ...more

How To : Edge finish with lingerie elastic

In this tutorial, we learn how to edge finish with lingerie elastic. First, grab your elastic and place it onto your fabric. Line up the elastic so it matches in perfectly with the fabric. Use a sewing machine to sew the elastic onto the fabric. Go slowly while you are doing t ...more

How To : Design a lingerie top

Bra and lingerie top fashion designs represent a lucrative arena for many clothing designers. Draw a variety of lingerie top fashion designs with tips from a fashion expert in this free fashion design video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Design a lingerie top. Design a lingerie ...more

How To : Make a teacup pincushion

Crafter Betz White shows Martha Stewart how to make felted tea pin cushions. Materials needed for this project are a wool sweater, pins, scissors, needle, thread, fabric glue, lingerie bag, unfelted cord and felted white circles. Make a teacup pincushion. Click through to watc ...more

How To : Sew a correct and elegant French seam

This seam is ideal for use on garments that will be washed often, such as lingerie or children's wear. It also adds a professional, finished look to your final garment. Here's an easy and quick way to sew your own French seam.

How To : Wear lingerie as outerwear with Elle magazine

Take your boudoir favorites on a day trip with this how-to video from Elle magazine. Wearing lingerie as day wear can easily become trashy. Watch this video fashion tutorial and learn how to use wear under clothes as outerwear.

News : Support boobs

Whether you've got itty bitty titties or mastadonic magumbos, a well-fitting bra is appreciated by many. The bra was invented by a German engineer. So, it's not surprising that it requires Porsche-like calibration. This tutorial by a British lingerie shop is thorough in it's ...more

How To : Choose and wear lingerie

Learn how to choose and wear lingerie to spice up your love life in this free video series on lingerie tips, love, and romance. Part 1 of 5 - How to Choose and wear lingerie. Choose and wear lingerie - Part 2 of 5. Click through to watch this video on Choose ...more

SUGARBUILT : If you give a artist a cookie...

New Mexico native Amelia Coulter grew up amongst the rich creative community and natural beauty of Santa Fe. After attending SUNY Purchase as a sculpture major, Amelia settled in Brooklyn and decided to merge her love of patterns, architecture and design with her passion for f ...more

How To : Throw a unique bridal shower

Is your BFF getting married? Looks like you have a bridal shower to plan! Organize a bridal bash that people will actually want to attend using these innovative ideas. You Will Need: • The bride's likes and dislikes • A theme Step 1: Don't get hung up on rules Throw out an ...more

How To : Lose baby weight like a celebrity

Sure, they have personal trainers and chefs to help them shed their postpartum pounds. But here are a few of their other secret weapons. Step 1 Keep hard-boiled eggs in your fridge and eat just the white part whenever you’re hungry. This strategy helped Heidi Klum appear on t ...more

News : Shadows of The Dammed Review

Shadows of the Dammed (360/PS3) is a polarizing game. It's not shy of being crass and crude. Go ahead and judge the game by the following examples (click to enlarge): The game is a giant penis joke. This is an official trailer for the game.. Now, with what you have seen, choos ...more

How To : Get Through a Pregnancy

I am writing this to first pregnant moms. I am 25 weeks along and I have some advice as to getting through an uncomfortable pregnancy. Step 1: Sleep I am 25 weeks along with my first baby and the biggest thing that I have learned in order to have an easier pregnancy is to sl ...more

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