Make Perspex Sheets

How To : Make a DIY heart-shaped table from a Perspex plastic sheet

Perspex is a durable and fashionable material, so getting tables like this made of it at the stores is expensive. If you've got some tools and wide DIY streak though, you can make one yourself with about 8 hours of time and this video, which will teach you just how to do it.

How To : Make a light up bubble tube

Lava lamps are cool and retro, but they can be expensive and there is a risk of fire if you leave them unattended and they tip over accidentally. By using this tutorial by Shooting Eggs, you can make your own light up bubble tube using materials you might already have around t ...more

How To : Make an infinity mirror

Ever wanted to have your own window into the infinite? By using this tutorial by Shooting Eggs, you can create an infinity mirror that will show rows of colored lights that seem to recede into the distance forever. It's a trippy illusion you can create with simple and inexpens ...more

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