Make Reloading Primers

How To : Reload a .38 Special cartridge and kill a beer

Learn how to get the maximum performance for the lowest price. The first thing you want to do is not even worry about buying a reloading manual; there's more information in there than anybody could ever learn, and it won't really help you make the most accurate load, so throw ...more

How To : Reload firearms ammunition

Wilderness education presents this five-part video series on how to reload firearms ammunition. The first video discusses the tools and equipment needed to successfully reload firearms ammo, like a Lee O frame press, RCBS 505 scales, Lee ram prime, Lee auto prime, Lee 223 die ...more

How To : Reload firearms ammunition with a Dillon RL550B

The RL550B is able to load rifle as well as pistol cartridges, so watch out. This five-part video tutorial will show you how to reload firearms ammunition with a Dillon RL550B. These reloading videos will include setup and how to reload. This is for people who really want to ...more

How To : Reload bullets

Before you reload your ammunition you should manually check for defects in the brass casings. The casings should be cleaned with either a light steel wool or a corn cob media tumbler. After the casings come out of the tumbler, empty the remnants of corn cob. Proceed with the l ...more

How To : Prepare .223 cases for reloading

Check out this two-part weapons video to see how to prepare a .223 cases for reloading. This video shows in chronological order all the steps needed to prepare .223 rifle brass to be reloaded. The cases are tumble cleaned, resized and de-primed, the resizing lubrication is re ...more

How To : Reload rifle ammunition for precision shooting

If you haven't tried reloading your own ammunition, you're missing out on a great experience. Firing self-refilled cartridges is the only way to go for gun enthusiasts. This video will show you the process of reloading ammunition for rifles. By hand loading rifle cartridges, i ...more

How To : Prepare a .223 case with the RCBS Case Prep Center

Check out this weapons video to see how to prepare a .223 case with the RCBS Case Prep Center. The RCBS Case Prep center can be fitted with a Lee Case Trimmer Cutter that has been slightly modified and a Lee Case Length Gage. This adds trimming to the list of case preparation ...more

How To : Make a Hairspray-Fueled PVC Rocket Cannon

This week, I've been working on a project that sort of takes a spin off an old-style potato gun. Using PVC pipe and the rapid combustion of hairspray, we can launch a rocket hundreds of feet into the sky. As usual for my projects, I tried to use only materials and parts that a ...more

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