Make Zac Efron

How To : Make a Zac Efron hairstyle

In this video, we learn how to get a hairstyle like Zac Efron with Dean Banowetz. To do this, you want to take a guy with a full head of hair brushed forward. First, take a big chunk of hair and twist it. Next, cut the hair upwards while splitting it. This will give your hair ...more

How To : Make Zac Efron's head huge with Photoshop

In this video, Howard shows you a simple method of enlarging your model's head in Photoshop! As if his head is not big enough already, Zac Efron gets the PS treatment from IceFlow Studios and TutCast for this screencast tutorial.

How To : Style your hair like Zac Efron

This how to video shows you how to style your hair like Zac Efron with American Crew molding clay. You will need the clay mentioned and a brush. First, comb your hair so that you have side swept bangs. Use a straightening iron on your hair if it is very curly and textured. Nex ...more

News : Charlie St. Cloud

Here are 7 clips from the movie "Charlie St. Cloud" Charlie (Zac Efron) teaches Sam (Chris Massoglia) how to hold a baseball. . Sam (Chris Massoglia) reminds Charlie (Zac Efron) of the deal that they made. . Charlie (Zac Efron) and Tess (Amanda Crew) talk about boats on the ...more

Tweens 'n' Teens : Charlie St. Cloud

Hey editor Mike here from thesubstream and I would like to welcome our newest contributor to the site, our tweens 'n' teens cinema specialist, my little sister Amanda. We're going to make her go watch all the movies that we don't want to see ourselves and then make her tell us ...more

How To : Dance to "Now Or Never" from High School Musical 3

This is a song from HSM3 or High School Musical 3 starring Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and other Disney stars. This is an original dance to 'Now or Never' but the song is wholly Disney from HSM. Part 1 of 4 - How to Dance to "Now Or Never" from High School Musical 3. Part 2 of ...more

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