How To : Make 3D animations using Cheetah3D for Mac

This is an introductory video for those looking to enter the exciting and profitable world of 3D graphics. It walks you through the first few steps of creating 3D animations using Apple's 3D modeling software Cheetah3D. You will learn how to animate and model simple images, an ...more

How To : Make 3D animated spirographs in Flash

Make spinning 3D animations of spirographs, DNA, wormholes, spirals and tubes using Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3 in this video from the flashbuilding tutorial series designed for the regular guy and ordinary folks.

How To : Create 3D animations in CINEMA 4D

In this series of instructional software videos, our computer animation expert demonstrates how to create 3D animation in CINEMA 4D. John Carstarphen starts with the basics of opening the software and setting up the workspace, then guides you through the menus and windows, as ...more

How To : Make a 3D animation in After Effects

Interested in animation? Start making 3d animations in After Effects with help from this tutorial. Learn how to get started making such animations with step-by-step instructions from this After Effects expert.

How To : Fold an origami hungry bat

This 3D animation demonstrates how to fold the famous origami model "Hungry Bat", a great Halloween fold! Just take a piece of square paper, and fold along with this 3D animation to get the Hungry Bat! Memorize it (it's really easy!) and show off your skills at your next Hallo ...more

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