How To : Pull five fantastic, funny, and facile pranks

What's better than one prank? Five pranks! This video from the notorious Kipkay provides five fantastic, funny, and facile pranks to pull off on your friends and family… maybe even your enemies. In this whacked prank pack, the first gag is full of "paper clip fun", which cons ...more

How To : Clicker train a dog to cross paws

This is a clicker training video on how to teach your dog to cross their paws. If you don't have a clicker you can always use some other noise maker like a clicking pen, or just a word like "yes!" There are many ways to teach this behavior. Another being, holding out your han ...more

How To : The Exploding Hoodie Sweatshirt Booby Trap!

Could possibly be the most evil prank you can pull off. Use the noise maker found in a party popper to set up this evil prank that will just about scare the living $#?# out of anyone that puts it on. Follow the simple instructions found in the video tutorial to get a better i ...more

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