How To : Cook Polenta in 15 Minutes Instead of 40

I became a big fan of polenta while studying Italian cooking. Previously, it never occurred to me that ground corn could create a dish that could rival the best pastas or potatoes. Those rich, golden bowls of cornmeal, cooked until tender and flavored with good olive oil, butt ...more

News : 50+ Illustrated Recipes (Make Cooking More Fun!)

Infographics are lots of fun, so how about illustrated recipes? Recipelook currently indexes 67 recipes and growing. There's a whole range in quality- a selection of my favorite drawings below. Inspired to create your own? They are currently holding a contest for the best hot ...more

How To : Prepare a mashed potato bar for a party

In this cooking how-to video celebrity Chef Jon Ashton creates three easy recipes. Watch this video lesson in cooking to learn how to prepare bruschetta, a mashed potato bar and chicken pot pie. He recommends using the help of Joy of Cooking prepared foods.

How To : Make Super Sweet Italian-Style Nutella Sandwiches

Nutella can be used in many, many recipes, but most prefer it on sandwiches. However, even with Nutella, sandwiches can be pretty boring. That's where these "sweet" Nutella sandwiches come in, which are basically like mini fruit tarts. Use bruschetta bread and fresh strawberri ...more

How To : Make cream of mushroom soup

In this cooking video series, our expert will demonstrate how to make homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup. Sure to beat a canned soup any day, this hearty recipe calls for a variety of vegetables. Served along with homemade bruschetta, our chef will give step-by-step instructions ...more

How To : Make bruschetta for beginners

Learn how to make this tasty finger food by watching this chef. Bruschetta is a tasty light Italian finger food that is not that hard to prepare. This is a great dish for beginners to learn and requires toast, olive oil, tomatoes & basil.

How To : Make easy whole grain cauliflower flatbread

Bread is beloved by many because it's the perfect accompanyment to a variety of different foods. With a slightly bland flavor (that's a good thing), bread helps to complement richer foods (think about dipping bread into bruschetta, or eating it alongside a caesar salad). If yo ...more

How To : Burn Your Tomatoes and Make an Amazing Dish!

This recipe is inspired by Francis Mallmann's book "seven fires" Creating a simple and elegant dish on the grill, cooked over coals. The burnt tomato bruschetta takes the tomato to a whole new place. By coating the fruit in flavoursome oil and covering in sea salt and ground ...more

How To : Make bruschetta for appetizer

Bruschetta is perfect as an appetizer or an afternoon snack. All you need is bread, olive oil, tomatoes, and some spices. The word bruschetta comes from the Italian term "to roast over coals." So, the most important part is to toast the bread. In modern times, a toaster, broil ...more

How To : Make burrata cheese bruschetta with grilled figs

We've never met a bruschetta that we didn't like; rather, it's always a variation between pretty good and orgasm in our mouth. And from the looks of this burrata bruschetta served with succulent grilled figs, we're thinking this bruschetta is on the higher end of the satisfact ...more

How To : Make a healthy peach brulee burrata bruschetta

If you've ever been to a wine and cheese party then you know how amazing cheese and fruit taste together. Cheese especially goes well with sweeter fruits like pears and peaches. Make yourself a healthy snack the next time you're getting the craving for yummy noms by checking ...more

Passing By : House Café on Beverly

House Café offers traditional American food with a heavy Mexican influence. The restaurant is located near Crescent Heights and Beverly Blvd, sandwiched between The Grove and The Beverly Hills Mall. We’ve (wife and I) visited this restaurant several times, here are our impress ...more

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