How To : Serve a traditional French crepe

In "How to Make Crepes", a video by Cayley Waldo, she describes one of the methods used at the Baker's Crust restaurant chain to create elegantly designed crepes. She starts by describing how to create the wrap to be used with the crepe as well as demonstrating the way to fold ...more

How To : Make chocolate dome cake

Chef Michel Richard demonstrates how to make chocolate dome cake; An amazing dome shaped cake with genoise, orange syrup, and chocolate mousse. Make chocolate dome cake. Click through to watch this video on

How To : The 2-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse of Your Dreams

As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, any day with chocolate mousse in it is a good day in my book. And thanks to prominent chemist Hervé This, one of the founding fathers of molecular gastronomy, chocolate mousse is not only easy to make every single day—but only requires two ingr ...more

How To : Make a matcha green tea and white chocolate mousse

You've heard of a great cup of matcha green tea, well how about a great green tea and white chocolate dessert. In this cooking HowTo video we show you a delicious recipe for matcha green tea and white chocolate mousse. You can serve this dessert with some green tea shortbread ...more

How To : Prepare an easy chocolate mousse recipe with rum

This cooking how to video shows you how to prepare and easy to make a rum chocolate mousse. Making rum chocolate mousse may sound like an extravagant thing to make, but it ins't. The thing that makes this mousse a luxury dessert is the quality of the chocolate used. To get opt ...more

How To : Fold chocolate mousse from whipping cream

Chocolate mousse makes a great dessert because it is light and airy. In this how to video Chef Paul explains how to make chocolate mousse. Whip up some delicious cocoa based mousse with melted chocolate, whipping cream, and meringue.

How To : Make chocolate mousse at home

Sweet, light, and rich, chocolate mousse may be the perfect dessert. Watch how to whip up a batch at home. You will need heavy cream, semi-sweet chocolate, vanilla extract, salt and sugar. Let the mousse cool in the refrigerator. You can serve it in small bowl or cups garnishe ...more

How To : Make vegan raw durian ice cream and chocolate mousse

Eating vegan doesn't meant you have to sacrifice your favorite desserts. This how to video tutorial shows you how to make raw vegan ice cream and chocolate mousse using durian. Watch and learn how easy it is to create a wonderful dessert out of this exotic fruit.

How To : Make coffee chocolate mousse with Paula Deen

Paula combines two favorites, coffee and chocolate, in a yummy mousse. This cooking how-to video is part of Paula's Best Dishes show hosted by Paula Deen. What happens when America's favorite southern cook opens up her kitchen to family, friends, viewers and the best home cook ...more

How To : Make chocolate mousse

In this mouth watering video series, you will get step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a delicious homemade chocolate mousse. Our expert chef will show you how to whip and add the eggs, cream and chocolate to create this classy dessert. She will also demonstrate how to ...more

How To : Make chocolate mousse like a chef

Learn how to make a chocolate mousse from this cooking video. Chef and chocolatier Will Poole on How2Heroes brings you this amazing recipe. Search How2Heroes on WonderHowTo for more cooking videos. Making chocolate mousse involves patience. You must slowly melt chocolate, whi ...more

How To : Make a white chocolate mousse pie

In this Food video tutorial you will learn how to make a white chocolate mousse pie. Take 13 cream-filled sandwich cookies, crush them in the food processor, mix 3 tbsp unsalted, melted butter and press them down on the bottom of a 9” pie tray. Then take 17 oval sandwich coo ...more

How To : Make decadent chocolate mousse

Try this home made chocolate mousse for dessert tonight. You'll love it! Break up and melt a block of dark chocolate then add 30 grams of melted butter. Mix in 3 egg yolks, one egg yolk in at a time Whip the cream, set aside and then whip the egg whites until peaks are formed. ...more

How To : Make chocolate mousse

Renee Loux will wow Michel with her chocolate mousse by keeping it raw and using avocado as the base. As the ingredients are being shown, a popup appears telling how that specific ingredient aids in your health. Easy to understand. Make chocolate mousse. Click through to watch ...more

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