How To : Use the shower to relieve stress

Sometimes we don't have the time or money to go to a therapist to have them help us manage our stress. Using a shower to reduce stress is easy with these tips. Get advice on reducing and managing stress in the shower in this stress management how-to video. Take Action Use the ...more

How To : Make melt and pour Valentine's Day cupcake soaps

Despite appearances, these Valentine's Day cupcake soaps take almost no time to make and are easy to assemble. Craft an entire batch for friends as a Valentine's Day present or gift them to a conversation heart-addicted niece. Either way, these cupcake soaps are irresistably ...more

How To : Dance advanced style salsa moves

In this episode of Addicted to Salsa, you will learn some advanced club style salsa moves. These moves are similar to the most popular ones found in New York City's salsa nightclubs. So, if you are ready to add some Latin flair to your dancing, have a look at this tutorial. Th ...more

How To : Breathe properly to reduce stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can take a toll on your body. This is why it is important to supply enough oxygen to your body by breathing properly. Breathing properly to reduce stress is easy with these tips. Get advice on reducing and managing stress with breath in this stress managemen ...more

How To : Make a fruit cake inside a thermal portable cooker

Thermal cooking saves energy costs and preparation time, so why not try out this delicious recipe using a thermal cooker? You'll learn how to make a fruit cake inside a thermal portable cooker, which could get you addicted. Give it a try, see if you're a thermal cooker. INGRE ...more

How To : Walkthrough Shank on the PlayStation 3

If you like 2D side-scrolling video games, then Shank's your man. Shank is full of "beat 'em up" action and combat, perfect for any gamer addicted to the old style of play. Shank is available on both the Xbox Live Arcade (Xbox 360) and PlayStation Network (PS3). But this Mahal ...more

How To : Brew Cooper's dark ale in your own home

Due to the dour economy we've all been cutting back on unnecessary expenditures. And unless you're a heavy (or heavily addicted) beer drinker, beer is one of those expenditures that cost a lot for minimal product. Brew your own happy juice by watching this video on how to cra ...more

Hands-On : Hands-On with CNN's Magic Leap News Video App

Magic Leap has done a great job of aggressively releasing new apps, software updates, and major franchise tie-ins. But aside from all the creative and entertainment apps, what's it like to use one of the apps the company hopes you'll use every day? One of those apps is the CN ...more

How To : Increase nail hardness with a nail strengthener

Whether you were born with brittle talons or have suffered from cracked, weak nails since you became addicted to sticking on fake nails, a nail strengthener is vital for keeping nails healthy and strong. Resusitate dry nails and make them look gleaming on their own again by w ...more

News : Red Frog Bungalows Surfing Bocas Del Toro

Red Frog Bungalows Eco-Ocean Resort guided Team RVCA to this right handed. The heaviest in Central America. Of course we were the only ones out! Surf guide and Owner of Red Frog Bungalows (Scott Balogh) is seen taking a massive drop. Come to Bocas and let us get you into the b ...more

How To : Make a striped Smarties candy holder

Smarties are the all-inclusive candy. With every color of the rainbow, it allows kids and sugar-addicted adult folks alike the powerful option of choosing between eating the Red or Green flavor, or Blue for those days when we're feeling down (that's why we're eating the candy ...more

How To : Dice mango fruit with the best dicing technique

Love mangos, but never got around to eating fresh ones? Are you addicted to mango juice and mango yogurt? Well, nothing beats the fresh test of a real, freshly cut mango, so you have to go out and get some, but before you do, you're going to need to know the proper way to slic ...more

News : Do You Ever Stop Being an an Addict?

Have you ever wondered if you can really ever beat addiction fully? If you've ever been addicted to a substance, it is so easy to become addicted to something else. Find out all about how cross-addiction works in this informative video. Video: .

News : A Poem To Palmistry.. (And to get me to 100% !)

WAIT, !! before you think, "Oh NO not a poem :-( ",This poem was published in 1600 !! ! :-O Called "Pamphlet on palmistry , circa 1600 AD" A voice from the past !! One of the Few !!!., POEMThus he that nature rightly understands,May from each line imprinted on his hand,His fut ...more

How To : Quit chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is a dangerous habit with many possibly negative effects on your health. Quitting can be difficult but give yourself the best chance by having goals, plan and support to keep you from relapsing. There’s no better time than now to quit chewing tobacco, so what ...more

How To : Relieve anxiety with essential oils

Anxiety can take a toll on your body and there are many ways to help ease anxiety in your body. Essential oils can relieve anxiety and relax the body. Get advice on reducing and managing stress in this stress management how-to video. Take Action Reset to a normal response Add ...more

How To : Use advanced Windows Vista keyboard shortcuts

Addicted to keyboard shortcuts? Interested in adding a few more to your arsenal? This home computing how-to from the folks at CNET TV demonstrates a number of intermediate- and advanced-level shortcuts sure to speed up your Microsoft Windows Vista workflow. For the specifics, ...more

News : Farmville Neighbours.

I Am Looking For New Farmville Neighbours I nAm Totaly Addicted toIt, I Play lots Of Times A Day And always Send And Return Gifts I Am A True Friend. many Thanks Sue Hart.

How To : Reduce stress with abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing is a technique you can use to reduce stress. This type of breathing allows for your body to receive oxygen in the areas that are too tense. Get advice on reducing and managing stress in this stress management how-to video. Take Action Place a hand on your ...more

News : EL Wire Basics

EL Wire is a bit tricky if all you want to do is glow. But there's a lot to know about the technology, as well as helpful information to get you addicted to it. EL Wire is a thin copper wire that gives off a beautiful glow when an electric charge is applied. There are 10 color ...more

How To : Use music to reduce stress

There are many ways to reduce stress such as exercise, however music seems to work well too. Using music to reduce stress is easy with these tips. Get advice on reducing and managing stress in this stress management how-to video. Take Action Listen to upbeat music when tired ...more

News : Three Days Without You Activity

Three Days without You Poem Description: This is a sequence poem that will help students transition from one setting and time into another. Pacing will also be another aspect to this poem. Comas will be used as pauses in the poem. Each setting will be divided into separate s ...more

News : New Born Calf

Find a freshly calved cow,preferably reasonably tame.... or not Get on hands and knees and drink the thick cholostrum straight from the cow, all cholostrum must be swallowed. Must not stop drinking until quarter of udder is empty.WarningsThis is extremely healthy and will buil ...more

How To : Get started in becoming a makeup artist

Lots of gals like to play with makeup, and who doesn't want to have the ability to look her best at her own whims? While makeup is a way of life for many women, for makeup artists it's how they make a living. If you're truly addicted to slathering on the lipstick, blush, and ...more

How To : Interview and choose a therapist

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to see a therapist. Interviewing a therapist can be tricky, but picking the right therapist for you is crucial. Get advice on reducing and managing stress in this stress management how-to video. Take Action Look for proper credentials ...more

How To : Raw Cyrus from

I go over real in this sped up version, how I draw Cyrus from I'm addicted to the podcasts. Go check it out at Also , please subscribe to my youtube channel. Would love the support, thanks. Video: .

How To : Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels

In the mood for chocolate pretzels? They're easy to make. Get Your Supplies Pretzels - Any type will work! They all taste great covered in chocolate! Melting Discs - These come in different colors and flavors. These can be found at Wal-Mart, Jo-Ann's, Pat Catan's, Michael's, ...more

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