Make Glass Mosaic Art

How To : Make glass mosaic art

In this series of arts & crafts videos you’ll learn how to create beautiful glass mosaic art. Expert artist Kathleen Dalrymple shows you the artistic process in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. She’ll show you all the tools, supplies and materials you’ll need to get ...more

How To : Make mosaic glass art

Our expert, a student of mosaic art, will show you how to break glass to use in your mosaics, how to design and weatherproof a mosaic, and show you what tools you'll need to get started. Part 1 of 11 - How to Make mosaic glass art. Make mosaic glass art - Part 2 of 11. Click t ...more

How To : Make mosaic glass art

Glass mosaics create beautiful decorative art pieces and are great for interior design and sprucing up a wall, walkway or even a piece of furniture in your house. Learn how to make a glass kitchen backsplash mosaic in this free art project video series. Part 1 of 11 - How to M ...more

How To : Choose glass for glass art

Glass art incorporates many different types of glass including beveled glass, rippled glass, water glass, and many more. See samples of these and many other types of glass in this free video series. Part 1 of 26 - How to Choose glass for glass art. Choose glass for glass art - ...more

How To : Make your own glass art

Watch this glass tutorial video to learn about the extreme hobby of glass blowing and how to make your own glass art. This hobby is extreme because of the high temperatures and tools used, so be very careful. You'll be blowing your own glass art in no time after watching this ...more

How To : Paint your nails with a stained glass art design

This video teaches you how to achieve an eye catching stained glass nail art effect without attending a nail salon. To achieve the striking effect, one needs between 4-7 nail polish colors, and a fine lined nail art nail polish in black. Beginning with the base color, one appl ...more

How To : Create a martini glass nail art manicure

Want to learn how to paint your nails flawlessly & create beautiful nail art? Watch this manicure instructional video to create this martini glass or triangle of sparkles look. May Paris gives helpful nail polish tips on creating this beautiful design. Be creative! Have some f ...more

How To : Paint neon mosaic nail art

This video relates to Neon Mosaic Nail Tutorial. This video teaches how to make the nails good looking and also pleasing. In this video she teaches how to select the colors of nail polish and also she teaches the steps to be followed regarding which color nail polish to be app ...more

How To : Make a mosaic stained glass window

In this video, you will learn how to make a mosaic stained glass window as well as techniques for using mosaic to decorate other items in your house. Host Laura says she's decorated her house so much that her neighbors say if you stay too long, they will become mosaic by Laura ...more

How To : Design mosaic tile art

In this how-to video series, learn how to make mosaic art from artist Eileen Haller. Eileen will show you how to break mosaic tiles and plates to make material for mosaic art. Part 1 of 8 - How to Design mosaic tile art. Design mosaic tile art - Part 2 of 8. Click through to w ...more

How To : Make art out of stained glass

Want to make stained glass art? It's easy with this free video series on how you can make and work with stained-glass patterns and projects. Part 1 of 23 - How to Make art out of stained glass. Make art out of stained glass - Part 2 of 23. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Make a mosaic for your home or garden

Mosaics are a cool type of art. You can use mosaics to liven up your home or garden and they are cheap and fun to make. Check out this video for tips and instructions for making mosaics. You Will Need • Fiberboard • Pencil • Ceramic and glass • Adhesive glue • Strips of w ...more

How To : Make the Dali wine glass out of blown glass

Dean Smiley and Eliska Harmer, master glass blowers from New York show how to make one of their designs, the Dali glass. Follow along as the glass is blown and shaped, transforming from a molten blob into a beautiful glass. This video glass-blowing tutorial is an inspirational ...more

How To : Turn an old window into illuminated wall art

Check out this DIY video tutorial from Curbly, the best place to share pictures of your home, find design ideas, and get expert home-improvement advice. Well, if you have a thing about windows, especially barn sash windows, then you can pass this cool art design for your home ...more

How To : Draw a glass of water with charcoal and pencil

Drawing a glass of water is one of the most basic things you'll ever learn in art class, but it is also one of the most important studies you'll ever make about form, color, tone, and shape. This drawing tutorial runs you through how to perfect a drawing of a glass of water u ...more

News : Everything Glass - please participate!

Dear Fellow Glass Lover, last summer I wanted to build my own website with Drupal to create a glass art community. But just now I found out it is not necessary. has it up and running already. All we have to do now is fill it with content. Please become a contr ...more

How To : Install tile on a shower floor

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? It's a lot easier than you might think to remodel your bathroom. See how to install mosaic glass tiles on your concrete shower floor with this tutorial. Watch this how to video and you can tile the shower in your bathroom in no time.

How To : Prepare glass for stained glass projects

If you are working with art glass to create stained art designs, learn how to prepare glass for soldering with this free crafting video about making stained glass projects. Part 1 of 21 - How to Prepare glass for stained glass projects. Prepare glass for stained glass projects ...more

How To : Install a glass tile backsplash with Lowe's

Hey what a great idea. Is installing tiles such a simple activity? Why not install glass and ceramic? Learn from this Lowe's video on how you can install a beautiful backsplash. Glass mosaic squares add a trendy splash, while white subway tiles keep the design clean and conte ...more

How To : Begin cutting glass

When you begin a hobby like custom framing or any other type of art involving glass, you will need to know how to safely cut and shape glass without breaking it. In this tutorial, learn the easiest way to cut a piece of glass so that it fits your projects everytime. This is us ...more

How To : Work with stained glass

Interested in stained glass art? Learn how to make stained-glass patterns and projects in this free video series about beginning stained glass crafts. Part 1 of 21 - How to Work with stained glass. Work with stained glass - Part 2 of 21. Click through to watch this video on ex ...more

How To : Make a fake stained glass window

If you want to make a beautiful fake stained glass window, in order to decorate the bathroom, kid’s room or any other room, without much fuss and money involved, here are some tips. First you need an old window on the desired dimensions and then you need some resin from local ...more

How To : Get copper foiling tools for stained glass

If you are interested in making stained glass designs, learn about the tools you need to create stained glass art with copper foil in this free crafting video series. Part 1 of 29 - How to Get copper foiling tools for stained glass. Get copper foiling tools for stained glass - ...more

How To : Paint glass in a frame

Painting on glass is a great art project! In this free online video series about art projects, learn the basics for glass painting from supplies to how to finish your piece, and it's all taught by expert David A. Clemen. Part 1 of 15 - How to Paint glass in a frame. Paint glas ...more

How To : Make tile mosaics

Creating mosaic tile art with broken or cut tiles can be as simple or complicated as an artist chooses. Learn how to make broken tile mosaics in this free art video. Part 1 of 17 - How to Make tile mosaics. Make tile mosaics - Part 2 of 17. Click through to watch this video on ...more

How To : Make a delicious cilantro martini

Making a Martini Zing with Cilantro. There are many herbs that can make interesting martinis. Cilantro is one of the best to create a really unique drink. The ingredients you need are: vodka (the video uses Gray Goose), gin, simple syrup made from equal parts sugar and water b ...more

How To : Cut plate glass

This is a Fine Art video tutorial where you will learn how to cut plate glass. Measure the plate glass and make sure the measurements are correct. Then place the guide along the line of the cut, take your glass cutter and score along the edge of the guide. If the plate is smal ...more

How To : Paint on glass

Glass painting is both beautiful and easy to learn. In this free online series of instructional art lessons, learn how to paint on glass and everything you need from supplies to techniques, all taught by expert Jason Painter. Part 1 of 18 - How to Paint on glass. Paint on glas ...more

Explore Ancient France : Locronan

By Camilla Cicconetti - Visit LifeStyleWebTV for more travel articles, videos, recipe demos and more. Located near the tip of the Brittany peninsula in northwestern France, Locronan is one of the region’s most spectacular villages. When you set foot on the cobblestone street ...more

HowTo : Build a Robot That Will Clean Your House

Cheaper (and perhaps cuter) than a maid, the simple scrub bot is easy and cheap to make: "This state of the art cleaning robot is great at polishing floors and shining glass tables (provided that you soap it up first). It also disperses small particulates evenly across your f ...more

How To : Use glass as a mulch in your yard

Raise your glass to an extraordinary garden! Landscape designer Michael Glassman demonstrates how the use of glass mulch around plants, rocks, or fountains elevates an ordinary garden into a masterful work of art.

How To : Mix an After Sex cocktail

Learn how to mix an After sex cocktail from a hot girl bartender in this instructional video! Woo-hoo! Ingredients: * 2 cl Vodka * 1 cl Creme de Banane * Orange juice Instructions: Pour the vodka and creme over some ice cubes in a tall glass and fill up with juice. to make ...more

How To : Create a mosaic jewelry box

This video demonstrates making a mosaic jewelry box. A plain jewelry box is decorated using different shaped pieces of glass. First, round flat glass pieces are glued in the center of the top and sides. Then a ring of glue is put around the circle and rectangular pieces are gl ...more

How To : Learn the art of lampworking

Very basic beginner video of some things you can do starting with a glass disc. In this video I show how to make flower petals, leaves, sea shells, and wings.

How To : Pour the perfect beer

There's an art to getting that perfect pour to maximize your beer experience. You Will Need * A glass or cup * Beer from a can, bottle, or tap WARNING: Don’t drink unless you’re of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive. Step 1 Tilt your glass at a forty-fiv ...more

How To : Fold napkins into Fleur-de-Lis shapes

Give your dining room table an elegant touch by folding napkins like fleur-de-lis. Learn the art of napkin folding, perfect for entertaining guests! You Will Need * A cloth napkin * An iron * Starch * A wine glass or napkin ring Step 1: Starch the napkin Iron the napkin with ...more

How To : Mix an Aggravation cocktail

Learn how to mix an Aggravation cocktail from a hot girl bartender in this instructional video! Ingredients: * 1 1/2 oz Scotch * 1/2 oz Kahlua * 1/2 oz Heavy cream Instructions: Fill a rocks glass with ice, then add Scotch and kahlua. Float cream on top and stir. With this ...more

How To : Mix an Adam Bomb cocktail

Learn how to mix an Adam Bomb cocktail from a hot bartender in this instructional video! Boom! Ingredients: * 1 part Rum (Ron Bacardi) * 1 part Vodka (Absolut) * 1 part Tequila (Jose Cuervo) * 1/2 part Triple sec * Fruit * 1/2 glass Ice * Salt or sugar * 1-3 pint Fruit juice ...more

How To : Do a shot

Doing a shot is more art than science. Here's one way to hone your barroom style. You Will Need * Liquor * A shot glass * A bar * An audience * A toast * Salt * Chasers * A lime wedge WARNING: Don’t drink unless you’re of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and driv ...more

News : The aresnal of street art and grafitti (pt.1)

The very basic building block of street art is the tag. Although most people find them ugly, i just think that every artist needs to start somewhere, for street artists, its the tag. Firstly the tag is basicly writing your name, or whatever name you use for your art on a wall ...more

How To : 8 Amazing Non-Edible Uses for Rice Grains

In their cooked form, rice is great for making spam musubi, sushi, and other amazing meals. In their uncooked form, dry rice grains are unexpectedly useful for preventing your salt from clumping in your salt shaker, cleaning out the insides of weirdly-shaped, hard-to-wash cont ...more

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