Make Roasted Asparagus

How To : Make roasted asparagus in the oven

Slim stalks of asparagus just scream of spring. Blanching or steaming has long been the cooking method of choice for these tender spears, though all that moisture can leach out the bright green color and make asparagus stringy, even mushy. Roasting or grilling asparagus concen ...more

How To : Cook lemon roasted asparagus in the oven

Make that bunch of asparagus really tickle your taste buds by roasting it with some lemon. Lemon and asparagus are a great combination that brings out the best in both foods. This recipe is simple to make and calls for only the most basic of ingredients. This video will show y ...more

How To : Poach an egg and rewarm it

Learn some basic cooking skills with CHOW. This video tutorial will show you how to poach an egg and rewarm it. Associate Food Editor Aïda Mollenkamp demonstrates how to achieve the perfect poach. Poached eggs can be kept refrigerated for a day or two; in the second video, Aï ...more

How To : Make asparagus wrapped in turkey

Start with chopping off the woody end of the asparagus and peel them so they will cook evenly. Sprinkle asparagus with a teaspoon of olive oil. Slice smoked turkey into three pieces then wrap the turkey around the asparagus. Then take a chive and tie it around the turkey and s ...more

How To : Prepare steak with roasted vegetables

This FoodieKitchen video shows how to prepare steak with roast vegetables. This is possible to do on a budget, when you buy veggies that are local, in season, and still delicious. You start this process by seasoning the steak with a combination of salt, pepper, garlic power, a ...more

How To : The Absolute Best Way to Prepare & Cook Artichokes

You've probably noticed artichokes at the front and center of your local grocery store or farmer's market recently, as spring is artichoke season; They may look like strange, complicated vegetables if you've never cooked them before. Don't Miss: How to Select Veggies at Their ...more

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