Making Woodworking Tools

How To : Get a leak free fit for plumbing

Connecting pvc pipes may seem like an easy task, but in fact it can be a difficult job for anyone who may not have done it before. It involves time, patience, and the right tools needed for making sure you have a leak free fit. So check out this tutorial on how to properly fit ...more

Frequent Flier Guide : HowTo Fly Super Cheap This Summer

Trusty LifeHacker brings us another helpful HowTo, but this time it's in the travel department. "Get ready to arm yourself with your web browser and a handful of the best travel sites. In this guide, I'll lay out the basics of buying airline tickets, highlight some fancy tool ...more

How To : Use selection tools in Photoshop

This series goes over all the different tools available for making selections in Photoshop starting with the Elliptical and Rectangle Marquee tools. Then the Lasso tools, Magic Wand tool, and finally what to do after you finish selecting! Part 1 of 4 - How to Use selection too ...more

How To : Wax your jigs

Shopsmith Academy shows you how to use paste wax to wax your jigs. Apply this lesson to your next woodworking project and maintain your tools. Watch this video for useful woodworking tips. Search Shopsmith Academy on WonderHowTo for more woodworking videos.

News : Thanks for the hard work !

Great job to everyone in the class - you have all come a long way. Keep practicing after effects and you will forever have one of the most powerful tools in your movie making arsenal. Have a great holiday and good luck with all your careers !

How To : Prepare Raku ceramics for glazing

Simon Leach from Simon Leach Ceramics provides some great workshop footage on preparing to glaze Raku ceramic pots. This tutorial video provides answers on the beauty and function of Raku pots, as well as some great ideas for home decoration. Simon walks you through the proces ...more

How To : Use a mandoline slicer

If you've ever eaten a thinly sliced vegatable, there's a good chance that it was cut using a mandoline slicer! Learn how to use this utility effectively. Mandoline slicers are great tools for making evenly thin slices of fruits and vegetables. Step 1: Place the slicer perpe ...more

How To : Make beautiful jewelry

How to design and make your own jewelry; get expert tips and advice on jewelry making tools and techniques in this free instructional video series. Part 1 of 30 - How to Make beautiful jewelry. Make beautiful jewelry - Part 2 of 30. Click through to watch this video on expertv ...more

News : PinoySteel This website is great for purchasing balisongs. Most, is not all, are FHM (Filipino hand made) and are mostly beetween 1-2 hundred dollars, give or take around 50. Some have things like bottle openers within them as well, making them very useful as ...more

How To : Play a minor pentatonic pattern on acoustic guitar

This is an excellent video on to play a minor pentatonic pattern on your acoustic guitar. This video is perfect for beginners as instructor Justin Sandercoe gives you some great tools and tips on making your guitar playing a bit easier. You'll also learn how to create interest ...more

How To : Use a Work Sharp motorized sharpener

Keeping tools in tip-top shape is important for making sure they will work properly when needed. There are many tools that can complete the job, but in this tutorial, you'll be finding out how to use a work sharp motorized sharpener. It's perfect for sharpening chisels and oth ...more

Budget Astronomy : Resources for Making Your Own Equipment

For newbies to astronomy, expensive equipment is an understandable deterrent. But with some thorough Google searching, you can find plenty of How-To's for making your own tools for less. Below are a few sites with several cool projects to offer. Sky & Telescope Sky & Telesco ...more

How To : Make sliding sun shades

In this tutorial, Michelle shows us how to make beautiful energy saving wooden sun shades that slide along bard door tracks. These slatted sun shades are perfect for the summer to keep the sun out but leave enough space to let the breeze through. This is an advanced woodworkin ...more

How To : Knit eyelets with a knitting machine

Watch this instructional knitting video to knit eyelets on a knitting machine. You will need a three prong tool as well as a single prong tool. By making a few twists with the pronged tools, you can knit a neat eyelet pattern in a matter of seconds.

How To : Use an edge sander

How to properly use an edge sander; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on precision sanding tools in this free woodworking video series. Part 1 of 15 - How to Use an edge sander. Use an edge sander - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on exp ...more

How To : Woodturn skew and gouge cuts

Woodturning uses skew and gouges to create designs in wood on a lathe. Learn about making cuts with these tools from a woodturning expert in this free crafts video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Woodturn skew and gouge cuts. Woodturn skew and gouge cuts - Part 2 of 16. Click th ...more

How To : Prepare for glass bead production

Preproduction work when making glass beads will ensure your tools are working correctly, and your glass is ready to melt. Learn about preproduction for glass working with this free jewelry making video series. Part 1 of 6 - How to Prepare for glass bead production. Prepare for ...more

How To : Use Daemon Tools Lite to make a virtual CD

In this Software video tutorial you will learn how to Use Daemon Tools Lite to make a virtual CD. By making a virtual CD of a game, you can play the game without the CD. Do a Google search for daemon tools, click the first link, go to downloads, download and install the progra ...more

News : 4 Years of Spectacularly Pointless Marble Machines

So very pointless, yet unquestionably spectacular. The best kind of "art" performs no other function than to delight the viewer, and Japanese YouTube user Denha's complex marble machines do just that. But are marble machines art? You can call them that—or toys, scientific cont ...more

How To : Use a head pin when jewelry making

Rob shows us how to use a silver one inch long wire head pin to place a bead on. He uses both flat nose and round nose pliers to close the loops he demonstrates how to make. outlining the basics for loop making and the loop connection process. He slowly and clearly shows us ho ...more

How To : Get started sewing with the right sewing tools

It's pretty much common knowledge that a successful sewing kit requires several different sizes of needles as well as differently colored thread. And if you're solely focused on patching up those favorite JBrand jeans of yours or a hole in a T-shirt, then that may be all you n ...more

How To : Pack a cocktail or bartending kit

Not only must you stock your bar with the and most useful tools, you need to be able to take your act on the road. In this episode of "The Cocktail Spirit," Robert Hess shows how to be a traveling bartender. Watch this video beverage-making tutorial and learn how to choose the ...more

How To : Make a box joint jig

See how to make a finger joint jig for making box joints in this free woodworking video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Make a box joint jig. Make a box joint jig - Part 2 of 16. Click through to watch this video on Make a box joint jig - Part 3 of 16. Click th ...more

How To : Maintain your tools for extended usage

In this tutorial, we learn how to maintain your tools for extended usage. First, get a good sturdy brush to clean off all the crusted on dirt from your tool. The dirt will promote rust and deteriorate your tools. Once it's cleaned, also make sure it's dried off from anything t ...more

How To : Use the select tool in Google SketchUp

Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to use the select tool in Google SketchUp. Making good selections in SketchUp is crucial in properly using the other tools available in this 3 Dimensional modeling program. This tutorial covers the basic selections, window ...more

How To : Make crown moulding for your home

A look at understanding crown moulding. Check out this Woodworking Underground four-part video tutorial to learn about making or installing crown moulding for your home. This how-to video is a must-watch for all furniture and woodwork enthusiasts. This video covers the basics ...more

How To : Get copper foiling tools for stained glass

If you are interested in making stained glass designs, learn about the tools you need to create stained glass art with copper foil in this free crafting video series. Part 1 of 29 - How to Get copper foiling tools for stained glass. Get copper foiling tools for stained glass - ...more

How To : Build a simple birdhouse for your yard

If you're just getting into woodworking, one of the most simplest and common projects involves making a birdhouse. A birdhouse is a common project that many can build and doesnt require too much work. With this next tutorial, you'll find out what type of wood you should use t ...more

How To : Sharpen Gouges & Scrapers for woodturning

Sharp tools always make your job easier. Learn more about sharpening woodturning tools such as gouges and scrapers in this free woodworking video from a wood shop expert. Part 1 of 16 - How to Sharpen Gouges & Scrapers for woodturning. Sharpen Gouges & Scrapers for woodturning ...more

How To : Make a Lego Arc Trooper pilot from Star Wars

If you are the type of Lego enthusiast who like to construct full-scale models of famous battles and scenes out of your blocks and minifigures, then accuracy is probably important to you. If making a Star Wars: The Clone Wars scene, the Arc Trooper pilot is an important elemen ...more

How To : Make homemade earrings

Brittany helps guide you throw the steps of making your very own homemade earrings with beads and the right tools. She shows you everything you need with a subtitle description to help you understand just what you are looking at. Brittany demonstrates how to make the earrings ...more

How To : Split wood properly

Getting splinters is no fun, but making them can be if you've got the right tools and the proper technique. You Will Need * Wood * A chopping block * A splitting maul * A sledge hammer * Two wedges Step 1: Set your log Place your log on the chopping block, or if one is unavai ...more

How To : Use Cygwin to Run Linux Apps on Windows

You'll see a lot of Linux action going down here at Null Byte. We use Linux for hacking-related stuff because it provides a more relaxed programming environment, making it easy to write exploits and tools. Linux has many features Windows is lacking, such as full control over t ...more

How To : Walkthrough & beat Spore's Tribal Stage

With Spore you can nurture your creature through five stages of evolution: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. Or if you prefer, spend as much time as you like making creatures, vehicles, buildings and spaceships with Spore’s unique Creator tools. CREATE Your Univ ...more

How To : Walkthrough & beat Spore's Cell Stage

Watch a 4 part series on Spore's Cell Stage. This is the first stage in this new hit game of evolution and creation! How will you create the universe? With Spore you can nurture your creature through five stages of evolution: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. Or ...more

How To : Use a power planer

How to use a power planer; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on using tools for leveling, shaving and shaping wood in this free woodworking video series. Part 1 of 16 - How to Use a power planer. Use a power planer - Part 2 of 16. Click through to watch ...more

How To : Cheat to freeze a water planet in Spore

This walkthrough and cheat shows how to use the Staff of Life to turn a barren planet into a T3 planet. Then how to cover the planet with the Cutie Ocean tool. Finally you can freeze it with an ice storm & atmosphere freezer. How will you create the universe? With Spore you ...more

How To : Achieve Omnipotent & Warrior Hero in Spore

This is a walkthrough of the final moment as one achieves Warrior Hero and the title of Omnipotent. This is an ultimate goal in Spore that happens during the Space Stage of PC game play. This is a good insight into how to beat the game. How will you create the universe? With ...more

How To : Cheat to find the Hologram Tool in Spore

Here it final is. The video of the hologram tool people have been asking about. The search for the answer to weather or not you can get out of your space ship is over. It's yes and no, depending on what you interpret as getting out. The hologram allows you project yourself ont ...more

How To : Make an edible Jell-O human brain for Halloween

Interested in making an edible Jell-O brain? With the right tools and proper ingredients, it's easier than you'd think. So easy, in fact, that this free video cooking lesson can present a complete overview of the process in about four minutes. For more information, including t ...more

How To : Sharpen plane irons

Shopsmith Academy brings to you a simple method of sharpening plane irons using simple tools. Watch this video for useful tips for your woodworking project. Search Shopsmith Academy on WonderHowTo for more woodworking videos.

How To : Use a horizontal router table in woodworking

Eagle Lake Woodworking, hosted by John Nixon, offers great do-it-yourself guides for building your own furniture, especially in the American Arts and Crafts style, and turning your garage into an amateur woodshop. Search Eagle Lake on WonderHowTo for more carpentry tutorial vi ...more

How To : Draw a flower pot in Flash

In this video tutorial from CreativeCOW leader Tony Ross, learn to use Flash as a drawing tool, while making several pseudo-3D shapes, including a flower pot. Tools include the Rectangle Tool, Oval Tool, Paint Bucket Tool, and Free Transform Tool. Draw a flower pot in Flash. C ...more

How To : Prepare, cook and store baby food

Homemade baby food provides your little one with a natural, nutritious meal. Learn what fruits are right for your child and how to prepare, cook, and store baby food. Babies between 4 and 6 months old are ready to start integrating solid food into their diet. Remember to check ...more

How To : Build an adirondack chair

If your yard is lacking any kind of furniture, adding chairs to the landscape can be a great way to fill any void. Buying one can be easy, but making it yourself can be a great way to use some of your tools and be a fun project to tackle. In this tutorial, you'll find out wha ...more

How To : Use a jack plane

How to use a jack or bench plane; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on using tools for rough finishing and smoothing edges of wood in this free woodworking video. Part 1 of 16 - How to Use a jack plane. Use a jack plane - Part 2 of 16. Click through to ...more

How To : Protecting your cutting edges when storing tools

Storing tools properly will keep you working wood and not doing maintenance on them. Shopsmith Academy shows you an easy way to ensure your tools will be protected from nicks and dings. Watch this video for useful woodworking tips. Search Shopsmith Academy on WonderHowTo for m ...more

How To : Add voice-over to videos

Want to make your own documentary? Voice-over is a big part of any documentary. Learn how to record voice-overs in this Israel Hyman's video tutorial. Even if you're not making a documentary, you may find other times you need a voice-over, and this video will give you the tool ...more

How To : Make an easy Bali bead & silver chain bracelet

Creative Jewelry Making teaches the at home crafter how to make their own Bali bead and silver charm bracelet. This is not a video for jewelry making pros; it would be simple enough for a novice and can be completed in about half an hour. These are the tools you will need to c ...more

How To : Safely use a router table

There are numerous tools that can be added to a collection that make house projects so easy to complete. One of those tools is a router. This device is perfect for making your own crown molding, grooves, and indents. But carrying it can be a pain. So in this tutorial you'll f ...more

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