Mantra Houdini

How To : Render with Mantra in Houdini 9.5

The 3D animation program Houdini is automatically bundled with Mantra, Houdini's production-class renderer. In this masterclass, developer Mark Elendt shows you some of the latest features of Mantra including PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and the new volume rendering archit ...more

How To : Implement spectral colors in Mantra in Houdini 9

Watch shader writer, Mario Marengo, explain spectral wavelength and how to utilize it within Houdini. This presentation was recorded at a Toronto Technical Evening hosted by Side Effects Software. Shaders generally work in RGB color space. This is limiting when trying to repli ...more

How To : Create a caustic lighting effect in Houdini 10

This clip demonstrates how to create a caustic lighting effect using Houdini's Mantra PBR rendering engine. The first part starts with a refresher on refraction. More generally, guide looks at setting up normals correctly, then at the glass shader in Houdini, faux caustics and ...more

How To : Use the Wedge ROP in Houdini 9.5

The Wedge ROP is a render output driver, which can be used to change variables on the fly while rendering. This can be very useful when simulating, in that you can test out different parameters to see the different results. It's a relatively new feature in Houdini 9.5. Wedgin ...more

How To : Use takes in Houdini 9

In this software video series, you will learn how to use Takes in Houdini 9. Part one: Intro to Takes A very simple example to introduce the functionality of takes and provide an entry to a discussion of the concept of layering data with takes. Part 2: Takes ROPs Using takes ...more

How To : Navigate the Houdini 9 interface

In this video series, you will take a look a the new Houdini 9 interface and learn how it will make your work faster and easier. Part 1 covers interface navigation: Preliminary tour of the default interface of Houdini and how to navigate in the 3d viewport. As well, how to bri ...more

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