How To : Graph Mario on a TI-83 Calculator

When it comes to graphing and comparing functions, the TI-83 graphing calculator is the end-all device for math and science students. But one of the most entertaining aspects of Texas Instruments' powerful algebraic and trigonometric calculator is not the equations themselves, ...more

How To : 5 Mario Kart Tour Tricks You Need to Know About

So you can't seem to win in Mario Kart Tour? Whether it's your first game in the Mario Kart series or not, Mario Kart Tour can be challenging, especially when you don't know the tracks. Instead of struggling your way through the cups, try out these five tips to get a leg up. ...more

How To : Install Super Mario on your TI-84 calculator

Does your calculator just crunch numbers? Boring no longer. Mod your calculator into a fun video game console by installing Super Mario. MirageOS and TI Connect can be found at in the "websites needed" section. Mario Program (Install this first): http:// ...more

How To : Avoid the Spiny 'Blue' Shell in Mario Kart Tour

It happens to all of us. You're ahead of the pack, clearly in first place, when someone launches the Spiny Shell (aka, the blue shell). It catches up and circles you before crashing into your kart, and there's seemingly nothing you can do about it. But what if I told you there ...more

How To : Beat Super Mario Galaxy

It's Mario's newest (and possibly craziest) 3D adventure. Learn how to beat Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii with this video walkthrough series. Part 1 of 36 - How to Beat Super Mario Galaxy. Part 2 of 36 - How to Beat Super Mario Galaxy. Part 3 of 36 - How to Beat Su ...more

Super Mario Run 101 : How to Earn More Toad Rally Tickets

One of the best features in Super Mario Run is a multiplayer race that lets you test your skills against other players. Toad Rally, as it's called, pits you against other players in a battle for Toads. The more Toads you collect, the easier it is to build your kingdom and coll ...more

How To : Beat Super Paper Mario for the Wii

This is a walk through on how to beat Super Paper Mario. It includes every level of the game, and secrets you might not of known about. Part 1 of 36 - How to Beat Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Part 2 of 36 - How to Beat Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Part 3 of 36 - How to B ...more

How To : Beat Super Mario 64 DS

A walkthrough of Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS. Part 1 of 9 - How to Beat Super Mario 64 DS. Part 2 of 9 - How to Beat Super Mario 64 DS. Part 3 of 9 - How to Beat Super Mario 64 DS. Part 4 of 9 - How to Beat Super Mario 64 DS. Part 5 of 9 - How to Beat Super Mario ...more

How To : Completely beat Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64

Heres a series of videos that teach you how to get ALL 120 stars in Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. (Now you can finally talk to Yoshi!) Part 1 of 113 - How to Completely beat Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. Part 2 of 113 - How to Completely beat Super Mario 64 for th ...more

How To : Use Slipstream to Catch Up in Mario Kart Tour

In Mario Kart Tour, you will find that sometimes you are just having a hard time passing the person in front of you. As hard as you try, you have been stuck in second place and you're on the last strip of the track with no items at your disposal. Here is where using a techniqu ...more

News : What if Super Mario Was a First Person Shooter?

The classic Super Mario Bros is perhaps the most beloved video game on Earth. Almost daily, homages to Mario pop up on the web over and over and over again. Everybody loves the charming 2D world of Mario. But what would Mario look like in 3D… and moreover, what would Super Mar ...more

News : The Incredible Polyhedra Models of Mario Marín

Mario Marín has made an incredible collection of models and sculptures based on polyhedra, often using everyday and readily available items. The site is in Spanish, but click on the links on the left and there are plenty of photographs, and more can be seen in Mario's blog.

News : Ghetto Fabulous Super Mario Manicure

This Super Mario manicure is frightening in a good way. Photobucket user nailchick27 posted these pics of her hyper detailed false fingernails. There are a couple Super Mario nail art tutorials out there (like this and this), though they don't compare to nailchick227's level ...more

How To : Play "Let Me Love You" by Mario on piano

In this keyboard tutorial, you'll learn how to play Mario's "Let Me Love You" on the piano in the key of Bb minor. While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate and advanced piano players, players of all skill levels can play along. Watch this tutorial to get started pla ...more

How To : Make a Super Mario in Restaurant City with tiles

Playing with pixels design with the tiles of the restaurant.. Just follow my layout and you can get your OWN SUPER MARIO!! Isn't it cool? Restaurant City is a Facebook game that allows you to create your own restaurant. Description of the app on Facebook: In Restaurant City ...more

How To : Hack Super Mario Bros to get infinite lives

This video will take you step by step on how to do some basic memory editing and hacking in Super Mario All Stars: Super Mario Brothers 3. In a matter of minutes, you'll find yourself plowing through Super Mario Brothers without worrying about losing lives. This particular h ...more

News : Interactive Super Mario Street Art

Students of Columbus College of Art & Design have created an "interactive" 8-bit mural, with a Super Mario Bros. backdrop. Mario and Luigi have been omitted so passers-by can jump into level 1-1. Previously, 8-Bit Trip With Two Swedish Ninja Retards.

How To : Play Super Mario 64 Directly in Your Web Browser

Yup, you read that right. As of now, you can actually play the first level of one of the most popular video games of all time—Super Mario 64—directly in your web browser. Developer Erik Roystan Ross redesigned the first level of Super Mario 64, originally called Bob-Omb Battl ...more

How To : Hack Mario Games with Cheat Engine 5.5 (09/30/09)

Mario hacks, cheats, glitches. How to play and hack the flash game Mario Games. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack Mario Games with Cheat Engine 5.5 (09/30/09). Download Cheat Engine. Description of the app on Softendo: Mario Games is a compilation of three actio ...more

How To : Beat the New Super Mario Brothers game on the DS

Here is a video that teaches you how to beat the new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo DS. Part 1 of 32 - How to Beat the New Super Mario Brothers game on the DS. Part 2 of 32 - How to Beat the New Super Mario Brothers game on the DS. Part 3 of 32 - How to Beat the New ...more

How To : Edit Super Mario World levels with Lunar Magic

Hak5 isn't your ordinary tech show. It's hacking in the old-school sense, covering everything from network security, open source and forensics, to DIY modding and the homebrew scene. Damn the warranties, it's time to Trust your Technolust. In this episode, see how to edit Supe ...more

Super Mario Run 101 : How to Unlock Toad

Though not quite as agile as the world famous plump plumber Mario, Toad, the lovable fungus, is still one of the most fun characters to use while playing Super Mario Run. Thankfully, he is also by far the easiest character to unlock in the game, requiring no special tasks to c ...more

On EBAY : Mario Mania + LEGOs = Ultimate Fanboy Idol

To Mario enthusiasts everywhere: Mario mania has been lovingly expressed all over the web for some time now (including How-To). The most recent accomplishment brings together two classic favorites: Mario plus LEGOs. Presenting the ultimate nerd idol: World's Largest LEGO Mari ...more

How To : Make Luigi from Super Mario Bros in Terraria pixel art

Take your creativity to the next level, build some incredible pixel art in your Terraria world. This video will show you how to build an 8-bit version of Luigi from Super Mario Bros. using common Terraria building resources. Throw a Mario party in your Terraria world!

How To : Draw a cute Yoshi from Super Mario Brothers

First of all you have to start by drawing an oval for the nose. Draw the rough lines so that they act as guide for your sketch. You have to draw the finishing lines later. Draw the head with the two large eyes. Make eyeballs in the eyes. Now draw the two round cheeks. Draw the ...more

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