Martin Luther King Jr

How To : Draw Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Drawing Martin Luther King, Jr., with an open mouth represents his career as a speaker, and drawing his distinguished brow line makes him recognizable. Draw Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with tips from a professional illustrator in this free instructional video on drawing. Now ...more

News : The FBI needed this laser mod for Martin Luther King

Starting in 1961 the FBI and an army of other non-believers, wiretapped MLK. All found nothing but gossip. No one was able to nail him with any evidence of sedition. Today, the laws on wiretapping have tightened up. Fortunately. The FCC regulations, two party consent rules, a ...more

How To : File a restraining order

Is someone threatening, following, or preventing you from carrying on a normal, healthy safe life? Protect yourself from the threat of injury or physical harm by filing a restraining order. In this video, learn what steps are needed to file a restraining order. You Will Need: ...more

How To : Be an effective political dissident & protest

You’ve decided to protest an unjust political system or organization. Make the most impact with these tips. Protest with courage, communicate with exiles and know your rights. If you disagree with a political system, concentrate your beliefs and opinion. Study famous dissident ...more

How To : Help kids understand civil rights and racism

Having universal rights for all genders and colors. Segregation was wide spread. In 1954 the law said that it was unconstitutional for schools be divided because of color. It took some time for these laws to be enforced. 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his famous "I have ...more

News : Dosh

Here is a video of what i think is an awesome drummer, his full name is Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh. He doese really interesting stuff because he loops his drum tracks so that he can overlap different beats, and create cymphonies of percussion! i think hes great, he's playe ...more

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