Masculine and Feminine in Fre

How To : Draw male and female manga eyes

In this clip, Mark Rilley teaches how to draw male and female eyes in the Japanese manga style. Breaking down the anatomy, he distinguishes the gender differences between the two in order to give your drawings more masculine or feminine qualities. For more information, and to ...more

How To : Become Fashion Friendly By Painting Your Nails

Do you wanna be that person who stands out in a crowd? Our society dictates our fashion sense. We believe we all must look like who ever is the "most popular" in the media (TV, film, magazines etc.). Our choice to express our self is very limited because of the stigma of what ...more

How To : Use gendered nouns appropriately in German

Nouns in German have three main genders - masculine, feminine and neuter. Which gender a word is determine several other grammatical rules, so it's always important to know the correct one when speaking German. This lesson shows the difference between the three genders and how ...more

How To : Count in Hebrew

Jonathan Ginsburg teaches you how to count in Hebrew. He explains counting to 10 in the masculine and feminine, and writing dates.

How To : Make French nouns and adjectives feminine

Learn how to make masculine French nouns and adjectives feminine by adding certain endings. Part 1 of 8 - How to Make French nouns and adjectives feminine. Part 2 of 8 - How to Make French nouns and adjectives feminine. Part 3 of 8 - How to Make French nouns and adjectives f ...more

How To : Say body parts, numbers, & colors in Hindi

Learn Hindi and speak some of the body parts, colors and numbers. So if you say head it will be "sir" in Hindi, Forehead is "matha", cheek is "gaal", tooth is "daant", lip is "honth", mouth is "muh" (you will not hear h clearly in the word "muh" in Hindi, you will only hear l ...more

News : Higher Education Fraud In San Francisco

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN FRANCISCO, CA. January 29, 2011 I graduated from The San Francisco Academy Of Art University in 2009. My major was sculpture and I graduated with honorable mention. So ask yourself "why would this guy slander his department? Wouldn’t that hurt him?” ...more

How To : Draw a boy vs a girl in an animated style

This video tutorial gives tips on how to draw boys by highlighting some of the differences showing what makes a feminine drawing vs. a masculine one when drawing in a kind of animated style. Part 1 of 2 - How to Draw a boy vs a girl in an animated style. Part 2 of 2 - How to ...more

How To : Wear a boyfriend-style cardigan

Anna Saccone, from The Style Diet, teaches you how to wear a boyfriend cardigan. Since the boyfriend cardigan is loose and big, you should wear them in a casual or slouchy style. You can also pair a boyfriend cardigan with boyfriend jeans that fit loose too for the full effect ...more

How To : Choose the right blazer for your body type

With feminine florals being one of the hottest spring and summer trends, it's often recommended by the fashion elite - including Tim Gunn - that more masculine elements be included in your outfits to balance out floral girliness. Watch this video by The Style Diet to learn wh ...more

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