Master Advanced Aikido Techniques

How To : Master advanced Aikido techniques

Learn advanced Aikido techniques and principle of motion in these free Aikido training videos featuring a 4th degree black belt. Part 1 of 12 - How to Master advanced Aikido techniques. Master advanced Aikido techniques - Part 2 of 12. Click through to watch this video on expe ...more

How To : Do advanced Aikido techniques

Ralph Reyes is an Aikido instructor at Chi Martial Arts in Miami Shores, FL. He holds a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido and is part of the Misasagi Kai Federation. He has been practicing and studying martial arts for over 17 years Part 1 of 14 - How to Do advanced Aikido techn ...more

How To : Master advanced mixing techniques in Logic Pro

Make your mix sparkle with Logic Pro! Learn how to use Logic Pro 8 software to fine-tune your music mix in this free music production tool from a professional audio engineer. Part 1 of 16 - How to Master advanced mixing techniques in Logic Pro. Master advanced mixing technique ...more

How To : Perform advanced Aikido Koshinage techniques

See advanced Aikido techniques to help you learn Aikido in this free martial arts training video series. Part 1 of 10 - How to Perform advanced Aikido Koshinage techniques. Perform advanced Aikido Koshinage techniques - Part 2 of 10. Click through to watch this video on expert ...more

How To : Master Aikido striking techniques

expert will cover Japanese Aikido striking techniques and teach you several of the vital methods that make up the form. Part 1 of 8 - How to Master Aikido striking techniques. Master Aikido striking techniques - Part 2 of 8. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.c ...more

How To : Master basic and advanced Shaolin staff techniques

The art of Meihuaquan Kung Fu is a special form of Shaolin Kung Fu; learn basic and advanced staff and weapon combat techniques in this free Shaolin martial arts video series. Part 1 of 17 - How to Master basic and advanced Shaolin staff techniques. Master basic and advanced S ...more

How To : Shoot Clouds Like a Pro

Giveaway Tuesdays has officially ended! But don't sweat it, WonderHowTo has another World that's taken its place. Every Tuesday, Phone Snap! invites you to show off your cell phone photography skills. Submit your best shot to our weekly competition for a chance to win an awes ...more

How To : Master the Aikido Shomen Uchi Waza technique

expert will cover the Japanese Aikido style of Shomen Uchi Waza and teach you several of the vital techniques that make up the form. Part 1 of 5 - How to Master the Aikido Shomen Uchi Waza technique. Master the Aikido Shomen Uchi Waza technique - Part 2 of 5. Click through to ...more

How To : Practice advanced nunchucks techniques

master! Learn how to do advanced throws with nunchucks, also known as speed chucks. With these nunchuck instructions, the basics of weapon skills and martial arts are within your grasp! Part 1 of 10 - How to Practice advanced nunchucks techniques. Practice advanced nunchucks t ...more

How To : Do self defense techniques for women

In this video series, our expert Aikido master is able to show you and any woman how to easily and effectively defend against an assailant, man or woman, even when surprised. You will learn practical techniques like screaming and scratching as well as many others. Knowledge is ...more

How To : Do Advanced Aikido Rolls

This is an advanced Aikido Ukemi tutorial which explains 11 different exercises seen and unseen. The tutorial includes detailed explanations of how to perform soft high falls from different techniques, various backward rolling tricks and other unseen ukemi variations. Video: .

How To : Tone abs with a side-bridge reach exercise

This workout video from Men's Health gives you a step by step demo of a side-bridge. This exercise is a great way of toning abs. Hold a light weight in your right hand. Lie on your left side with your feet stacked. Bend your left elbow 90°. Prop yourself up so only your forea ...more

How To : Dominate the New York Times Crossword Puzzle

First off, don't be frustrated. YOU CAN DO IT! Contrary to the message in the image above, it's NOT over. It's just beginning. And when it comes to solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, the old cliche does apply: practice makes perfect. I've read quite a few books and ...more

How To : Master flying the helicopter in Bad Company 2

The helicopter in Batttlefield: Bad Company 2 is really powerful, but really pwning people with it requires a lot of technique. This video for advanced BC2 flyers will show you some cool tricks for improving your game, including how to utilize a copilot properly and how to pri ...more

How To : Draw a spiral staircase with complex levels

Are you a fantastically talented artist who's tired of scribbling the same circles and squares over and over again? Sprinkle some hot sauce into your drawing affairs by combining the two. Watch this tutorial to learn how to draw spiral staircases, which are much harder than no ...more

How To : Make a marriage twist

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make a marriage twist. This is an advanced technique for harder balloons and should only be tried after mastering the tulip twist.

How To : Crochet the stained glass window square

This is a more advanced version of the granny square - the stained glass square, which usually is made with several separate colors of yarn. This tutorial is aimed at people who have already mastered crochet techniques to at least the intermediate level. Part 1 of 4 - How to C ...more

How To : Draw a woman in 3/4 profile

You’ve got the basic head structure down and now it’s time to learn how to draw a detailed face of woman. It can be a little tricky to draw an angled view of a face but you can use sketching and shading tools to give depth, angle and form to create a realistic woman. Dimensio ...more

How To : Do a yo-yo Advanced Slack

This yo-yo tutorial demonstrates the advanced slack. The yo-yo is a toy that dates all the way back to 500 B.C. The manufacture of the modern yo-yo as we know it began in 1928 in Santa Barbara, CA. Today, the international Yo-Yo Open is the biggest yo-yo contest in the world. ...more

How To : Play Chopin's Nocturne op. 48 no.1 on piano

If you are looking to improve your classical piano technique then this how to video is the place to start. You will learn how to practice and study Chopin's nocturne opus 48 number 1. This nocturne should be played in the style of a Bel Canto opera piece, with the main melody ...more

How To : Induce a lucid dream for the advanced patient

Have you mastered lucid dreaming, but want to take it to the next level? In this 10-part video tutorial series, you'll learn some great advanced techniques for lucid dreamers. Watch this tutorial series for excellent advice. You'll be able to explore and go beyond your ordinar ...more

How To : Play Chopin Nocturne n.20 in C# minor on piano

If you are looking to improve your classical piano technique then this three part how to video is the place to start. You will learn how to practice and study Chopin's nocturne number 20 in C# minor. This detailed lesson goes over where to place the accents, analyzes the dynam ...more

News : Richie Hayward Benefit in San Jose, August 13, 2010

DRUM! Magazine — the leading magazine for drummers and percussionists worldwide — has announced the biggest drumming event ever to take place in Northern California. On Friday, August 13, drummers will descend on the San Jose Repertory Theatre in the heart of Silicon Valley to ...more

How To : The Essential Skills to Becoming a Master Hacker

Many of my aspiring hackers have written to me asking the same thing. "What skills do I need to be a good hacker?" As the hacker is among the most skilled information technology disciplines, it requires a wide knowledge of IT technologies and techniques. To truly be a great h ...more

How To : The Know-It-All's Guide to Caramelization

Look on any bistro or pub menu in America and you'll likely find the term caramelized onions as an option for your burger. The word "caramel" may conjure up images of candy, which is somewhat correct. When high temperatures are applied to certain foods, the sugars within them ...more

How To : Your Juicer Is Actually a Sauce Maker in Disguise

There are several reasons why restaurant food tastes so good. One is that the cooks know how to make reductions, which involves cooking down large amounts of liquid until it becomes a pool of thick, glossy sauce. While this technique isn't hard to learn, it can be time-consumi ...more

Hack Like a Pro : Advanced Nmap for Reconnaissance

Welcome back, my novice hackers! Reconnaissance is one of the most important preparatory steps to hacking. As I have emphasized many times before here on Null Byte, you must know the operating system, the ports, the services, the applications, and sometimes even the language ...more

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