Matchstick Puzzle

How To : Solve the matchstick fish puzzle

Check out this nifty and fun puzzle using lines, or matchsticks, to change the direction of the swimming fish by moving just three lines or matches. With a bass, or a pike, or trout, or any other fish, you need start out with eight lines or matches. Then ask yourself, "how ca ...more

How To : Cut postage stamp wooden jigsaw puzzles

This video tutorial will show you how to make a wooden jigsaw puzzle, but not an ordinary one -- a postage stamp wooden jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle video will show you how to cut a postage stamp into ten poplar jigsaw puzzle pieces using the freehand continuous method. When yo ...more

How To : Perform a matchstick equation bar trick

This how-to video demonstrates a stumper of a puzzle‚ using only 4th grade math. Effect: Using matches (or in our case - toothpicks), create the incorrect math equation 1+11+111=1111. Then challenge your friend to move only 1 match and make the equation true. Make sure to poi ...more

How To : Solve a match stick cow puzzle

A match stick puzzle. Can you make the matchstick cow look the other way by only moving two sticks (not the tail) and the eye. This also makes a good bar bet. Solve a match stick cow puzzle. Click through to watch this video on

How To : Move 3 matchsticks to make 3 squares

Try to figure out this brainteaser in five minutes or less. Move three matchsticks in order to make three squares. No peeking! Are you still working out this puzzle in your head? You'll be very surprised at the simple solution to this riddle.

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