Maya Particle Tutorial

How To : Create realistic smoke and dust particles in Maya

The key to being able to animate realistic smoke or dust is being able to master the particle texture rate technique in Maya. Once you have gotten this down, you can create any sort of particle effect, such as sand or bubbles in addition to smoke and dust. This three part tuto ...more

How To : Create particles and add collision objects in Maya

Particles are a great world to explore. In this video tutorial from CreativeCOW leader Alvaro Castaneda, well learn how to create particles in very simple ways in Maya. We also add collision objects gravity and render them in a liquid like mesh. Create particles and add collis ...more

How To : Paint instance objects in Blender

This tutorial teaches how to use Blender’s particles system to “paint” instanced objects onto mesh surfaces. Similar to Maya’s “Paint Effects,” though not nearly as powerful, it’s a very nice way to fill a scene with flowers, vegetation, rocks, pebbles, gravel, debris, etc. Wh ...more

How To : Point snap in Maya

Learn how to point snap in Maya in this tutorial. Point snapping allows you to point to any vertex, particle or point.

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