How To : Use a protractor to measure an angle

This video in the Education category will show you how to use a protractor to measure an angle. This video is from Brightstorm. In Geometry it is important to know how to measure an angle. This is a very simple and easy process. In order to measure an angle, you will need a pr ...more

How To : Measure geometry angles

Learn how to use a protractor when measuring math angles. An angle is formed by two rays with a common endpoint called the vertex. The most common unit used when measuring angles is the degree. Follow these easy steps when using a protractor to measure angles: 1) Place the ...more

How To : Use a protractor in geometry

Omar, Hayley, Gary, and Autumn teach us how to use a protractor. They give a bit of information from on the history of protractors. They are used to measure angles. The first protractor was used to help with navigation and invented in 1801. To measure an angle, line ...more

How To : Find the North Star, Polaris

In this tutorial, we learn how to find the North Star. To find this, measure the angle distances on the sky, while using your hand stretched out at arm's length. For the angles, three joined fingers make 5 degrees and a fist makes 10 degrees. You can make 15 to 20 degrees usin ...more

Ranked : The 4 Best Fitness-Friendly Phones for Working Out

In many ways, your smartphone has become the ideal companion to take with you on your morning runs. Not only do they provide an easy way to listen to your favorite music and help get you pumped up, but they can also gather important information to give you a clearer picture of ...more

How To : Understand the Rule of Corresponding Angles

This video explains about the rule of corresponding angles. When measuring the angle between the parallel lines (i.e.) Line1 and Line2 across the straight line. The angle A and angle B are equal. The angle C and angle D are equal. The angle E and angle F are equal. Finally ang ...more

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