How To : Hack a megaphone into a bionic hearing spy device

Make a bionic hearing spy device by hacking a megaphone! Kipkay brings you this hack video on how to use a megaphone to spy on people. You can pull in conversations up to 100 feet away! Check out Kipkay hiding in a tree, spying on people. It also works through walls. That's ho ...more

News : Megaphone Parry Grip - LEGO Music Video

This odd music video seems to be based on a true story. The story of massive film festival disappointment was created into a song called Parry's Gripp's Gripe. You can read al the bloody details here.

News : Dickogram version 2

1. Construct a Giant Dick Float over a car or van or motorcycle, that resembles a GIANT Dick, with a MegaPhone! (Mega phones make everything better!!!!) 2. Scope out a Business, Office Professional, Blue Collar, Mcdonalds, Warehouse, whatever........ wherever you can find a r ...more

News : Adult Shop Advertising

Purchase a Megaphone Get in one of your mates car Have a couple of hookers. Go around churches, religous areas and advertise adult shops and hand out adult accessories , aswell as using the megaphone to advertise this place. The idea of this is the prank on the public and get ...more

News : Gay Parade

O look i do not have have hate towards gay people ,all respect to them but yo guys should make a public gay parade and make johnny the leader and make wear some white pants and a white shirt with his sailor hat and make it public,go around streets and scream in a megaphone "it ...more

News : Tourettes Bus

just arrive at a store or public place in a school or tour bus that has the sign on the sides: "ASSociation of People with Tourettes Syndrome (A.P.T.S)" and have Johnny Knoxville as the Suit and Tie Designated Chaperone. As they arrive in the parking lot to the area you wanna ...more

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