News : The Free Online Russian Novel That Became Metro 2033

Video games and books seldom have much impact on one another. Games based on movies based on books are fairly common, but games made directly from books are all but nonexistent. This is too bad, given that they're the two most interactive medias out there. 2010's Metro 2033 ( ...more

How To : Use Metro Apps in Desktop View on Windows 8.1

Metro apps are pretty nice, but they absolutely suck on a Windows desktop with a mouse and keyboard. That's to be expected though, since Metro (also known as Modern UI or Microsoft design language) was created mainly with touch input in mind for Surface Pros and Windows Phones ...more

How To : Play "Kelsey" by Metro Station on piano

In this free video keyboard lesson, you'll learn how to play Metro Station's "Kelsey" on the piano. While this lesson is geared toward beginners, intermediate and advanced players are certain to take something away as well. Watch this tutorial to get started playing "Kelsey" b ...more

Metro 2033 : Eye Candy

Picked up Metro 2033 from the Steam Sale. Wow is it pretty. At 1080p with DX11 and gorgeously detailed, it's hard to not stop and stare at every single thing! I wish there was a way to somehow convey this feeling.. Something like that. Beside the amazingly detailed texture wo ...more

Metro 2033 : Life

What separates Metro 2033 from other FPS games? Life. There are underground towns, markets, children, music, and so much background chatter than sometimes you can't single out a particular conversation. Most FPS, especially American shooters, are streamlined for Adventure and ...more

How To : Walkthrough Metro 2033 on the Xbox 360

Human life has been wiped out. Extinct for 20 years. Destroyed by a nuclear holocaust. But there are a few survivors on Earth, and they're forced to live in the underground metro systems in the big cities. But it gets worse. There's mutant beasts, communists, Nazi factions, an ...more

How To : Change Tile Size for Windows 8 Metro Applications

In this Windows 8 Tutorial you will learn how to change the application tile size for metro applications. If the application is not a metro style application you will not be able to re-size it. Their are a few benefits to changing the tile size of applications including the ab ...more

How To : Earn the "Sherlock" achievement in Metro 2033

This Metro 2033 walkthrough teaches you the exact steps needed to earn the "Sherlock" and the "Fugitive" achievement on the Xbox 360. Watch all four videos to see how to unlock these achievements and earn some GS. Each video covers a different station in which you need to find ...more

How To : Earn the Exorcist achievement in Metro 2033

In this tutorial, learn how to achieve the Exorcist achievement in the Xbox game Metro 2033. This is a very detailed, comprehensive tutorial that shows you exactly where to go and how to act in your game to get this ultimate prize.

How To : Get the Quick Draw achievement in Metro 2033

If you're looking to shoot a hideous looking creature that has no where to run, this achievement tutorial is just what you need! In the post-apocalyptic video game, Metro 2033, you can get a sweet 30 gamer points by making sure you shoot a bunch of creatures known as Nosalises ...more

How To : Get the Wheeler-Dealer achievement in Metro 2033

Okay, so you've played through the whole game of Metro 2033 and feel like you've been missing out on something. Well, did you go after the achievements? If not, here's a tutorial on how to add some points to your gamerscore. The name of this achievement is called the Wheeler-D ...more

How To : Get the Ranger achievement in Metro 2033

if you love playing games that take place in the not tood distant future, Metro 2033 might be for you. In this game you'll be going up against others who are trying to survive in a harsh world filled with traps, poisonous skies, and mutant monters. In this achievement tutoria ...more

How To : Unlock the Merciful achievement in Metro 2033

It's time to make sure you have a hold on your trigger finger. In this achievement tutorial for the Xbox 360 title, Metro 2033. you'll have to show some restraint. To unlock this achievement and 30 gamerscore, you must complete the level Black Station without killing any fasc ...more

How To : Get the Generous achievement in Metro 2033

In the Xbox 360 title, Metro 2033, besides all the shooting you'll be involved in, there is a chance for you to show some kindness. In this achievemnet tutorial, you'll find out how to unlock the Generous achievement. In order to get the 10 gamerscore with this, you'll have t ...more

How To : Unlock the Invisible Man achievement in Metro 2033

If you've managed to beat the game, Metro 2033 for the Xbox 360, then you might have missed out on some achievements. Some are pretty easy to get, but others offer more of a challenge. This tutorial covers one of those more difficult achievements. In this video, you'll be fin ...more

How To : Take Screenshots (And Crop Them) in Windows 8

I know what you're thinking—taking a screenshot is super simple. While that is partly true, taking of a screenshot of the Start Screen in Windows 8 is little bit tricky, unless you're on your Surface. The new Windows 8 works in two different realms; the normal desktop mode th ...more

How To : Is 5G Available in Your Area? Here's How to Check

In 2009, 4G LTE networks rolled out in Stockholm and Oslo, replacing 3G as a better upgrade to the mobile data technology that gives us the broadband speeds we have on our mobile devices. Over a decade later, and we have the latest, next-generation wireless network technology ...more

How To : Bring the Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 8

Microsoft's most anticipated OS has finally arrived, and there's no doubt that all of you out there who snagged a copy of Windows 8 are excited to see what's new. But while Windows 8 has received plenty of rave reviews, some users are upset about one controversial change—the m ...more

How To : Flash a Blackberry Storm to Cricket

So you've got a Blackberry 8830 or 9530 Storm, but you are not down for the default service provider that comes with the phone. Using this simple software hack, unlock the your Verizon phone to work with Cricket, Metro PCS, or any other CDMA provider.

News : Russian Pin Ups Raise Political Awareness

Somewhere in the faraway land of Russia, the female form is used for more than one of the most popular deadly sins. The women pictured below made a pin up calendar to... ahem, arouse... awareness of Russia's social and economic issues by posing in politically-themed cosplay. ...more

How To : Fill a 7 Hour Layover in Guangzhou

One of the down-sides of international long-haul travel is layovers between flights in unfamiliar places. We have a flight to Europe this year via Guangzhou, China, and I've been putting together my notes on how to make the best use of 7 hours between flights, which I'd like t ...more

News : The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Is Now Available

With all the hype surrounding the recent Galaxy S8 release, it can be easy to forget Samsung makes other smartphones. But let's be real here; $726 isn't cheap. If you're someone who doesn't want to drop that kind of cash on a smartphone — or who doesn't feel your device needs ...more

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