Minecraft Demo

News : Minecraft 1.8 Demo

This one is much higher quality than the last video! Feature | Time NPC Village | 00:40 Creative Mode Inventory (Infinite amount of every item!) | 01:01 Rivers, Ravines, Desert Biome | 01:17 Hunger, Experience Points | 02:25 New Bow Mechanics: Zoom-in while charging up | 02: ...more

News : Do PC Games Need a Press Conference?

Every year at the big video game trade shows around the world, like E3 and gamescon, the big three console makers each do a hot-ticket exclusive press conference to let the media know what's coming for their system. Computer games have no such press conference. Who would give ...more

News : Will the HoloLens Forget About Gaming?

Microsoft's HoloLens has many applications in the business world, both large and small, but what about gaming? Initial demos gave the impression that we could expect amazing first person shooters, platformers, and even Minecraft. Yet, as Newsweek noticed, the HoloLens was nowh ...more

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