News : Quivering, Pulsating Organs Give Life to Electronics

Just in time for Halloween, a collection of creepy, pulsating biological monstrosities designed by interactive media artist Mio I-zawa. Click through the gallery of videos below for the Mechanical Tumor (a fleshy visualizer that displays CPU usage, quivering as your computer ...more

How To : Origami a sham ball

A nice complicated modular origami by Mio Tsugawa ( http://puupuu.ojaru.jp). Made from 30 modular origami units, I made 10 green and 20 yellow to make a "stripe" on the ball.

How To : Say I love you in French

In this how to video, you will learn how to say "I Love You" in French. French is known as the language love, so it is very appropriate to learn how to say this properly. First, remember that "I Love You" is written as "Je t'aime" in French. Practice saying the pronunciation u ...more

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