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How To : Make a buttery nipple mixed drink

Learn how to make a buttery nipple mixed drink. The buttery nipple is a layered shooter that's easy to concoct – it's got just two ingredients! You Will Need * A shot glass * Butterscotch schnapps * Irish cream liqueur Step 1. Pour the schnapps Fill the shot glass halfway ...more

How To : Mix a "Peach-tini" fruit martini mixed drink

Remember to use fresh ingredients when making speciality alcoholic drinks. When you make the bay syrup, don't add too much sugar as the bay already has a sweet flavor. You could also try muddling a few bay leaves with the ginger if you don't want to make the syrup. The peachti ...more

How To : Make a pisco sour mixed drink

Learn how to make a pisco sour mixed drink. It’s time to brush up on your Spanish, because Peru’s delicious national drink commands mucho respect. You Will Need * A martini glass * Ice * 1 oz lemon juice * 1 oz simple syrup * A cocktail shaker * 1 oz Pisco brandy * 1 oz egg ...more

How To : Make an orgasm mixed drink

Learn how to make an orgasm mixed drink. An orgasm shooter is a layered shot made with coffee, cream and almond liqueurs. It's a rich and creamy drink that's sure to please! You Will Need * A shot glass * Coffee liqueur * A bar spoon or other long-handled spoon * Irish crea ...more

How To : Make a michelada mixed drink

Learn how to make a michelada mixed drink. The classic michelada is a spicy cocktail that's popular in Mexico and in states near the U.S. border. Add it to your menu to heat things up, Mexican style! You Will Need * ½ lime plus wedges for garnish * A margarita glass * Marga ...more

How To : Mix a classic Old Fashioned mixed drink cocktail

The Old Fashioned is one of America's earliest cocktails. It has very few ingredients, but is very complex and is quite challenging. Brown sugar syrup adds extra flavor and works very well with the bourbon. If you use a different base, such as Crown Royal Canadian whiskey, bro ...more

How To : Make the best mixed drinks and body shots

Adam Nieman shows you how to make over fifty mixed drinks, frozen drinks, and shots. You will learn to make a Mai Tai, Irish Coffee, Liquid Coca, Red Eye, Frozen Margarita, Urinal Cake, Heavenly Sex, G String, and many more. Adam also shares recipes for shots: Granny Panties, ...more

How To : Mix a White Trash drink with Vodka and ginger ale

The next time someone says they'd like to have some white trash at your party, you should feel complimented rather than insulted. That's because "White Trash" is the name of this tangy mixed drink. Stacey teaches us how to make a White Trash mixed drink with ginger ale.

How To : Mix an electric lemonade cocktail drink

American Bartenders School shows how to make a Electric Lemonade mixed drink cocktail. You will need vodka, blue curacao, sweet and sour mix, and lemon lime soda, like Sprite or 7-Up. Watch this video specialty drink-mixing tutorial and learn how to make an electric lemonade c ...more

How To : Mix a surfer on acid cocktail drink

American Bartenders School shows how to make a Surfer on Acid mixed drink cocktail recipe. You will need Jagermeister, coconut rum, and pineapple juice. Learn how to mix a surfer on acid cocktail by watching this video beverage-making tutorial.

How To : Mix a Yah Yah drink with rum and orange juice

Feeling the holiday blues? Then perk up your day - and prepare for the busy work year ahead of you - by mixing up this little sucker. Check out this specialty drinks video to learn how to shake up a Yah Yah, which is made from rum, 151, amaretto, and orange juice. Maria teac ...more

How To : Mix a Serial Killer drink with rum

This is the drink we could see Dexter coming home and mixing up by the sink after a hard day's work at crime scene investigations. Called the Serial killer, it's made from copious amounts of rum. Maria teaches us how to make a Serial Killer mixed drink.

How To : Mix an Amaretto Sour cocktail drink

In the mood for a classic cocktail drink at home? Well, treat yourself and mix one yourself, like this deliciously sour Amaretto Sour. This is one of the best classic cocktails, which uses Amaretto, an Italian sweet almond-flavored liqueur, made from apricot or almond pits (or ...more

How To : Mix a Satin Sheets drink with vodka and milk

With a name like Satin Sheets, this drink promises to be sensual and sweet all at once. Made with creamy milk and vodka, Satin Sheets is a rich confection that may just give you enough vigor to get into some real satin sheets tonight, if you catch our drift. Maria teaches us ...more

How To : Mix a Tropical Sunshine drink with rum

When you think of vacationing to the tropics and lying out in the cabana by the pool, what's the best feature about the locale? The sunshine, of course! Warm and comforting, the sun is what makes lots of blizzard-torn East Coasters flee to Cabo during the winter holidays. But ...more

How To : Mix specialty holiday drinks just like the pros

Veteran bartender Paul Murphy shows Bill Daley how to prepare top shelf, specialty alcoholic drinks for holiday guests. Learn how to mix a Jack Frost, a delicious chocolate mint martini with white chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, and peppermint schnapps, an Ebenezer's Egg Nog ...more

How To : Mix a screwdriver cocktail drink

Learn how to mix a screwdriver cocktail in this great instructional video! Ingredients: * 2 oz Vodka * Orange juice Instructions: Put 3 ice cubes into a highball glass. Pour in vodka. Fill balance of glass with orange juice, stir, and serve. This is an easy cocktail to mix ...more

How To : Mix alcoholic holiday drinks

In this video series, our expert bartender, Greg Trevors will show you how make a variety of alcoholic holiday drinks. Part 1 of 15 - How to Mix alcoholic holiday drinks. Mix alcoholic holiday drinks - Part 2 of 15. Click through to watch this video on expertvillage.com Mix al ...more

How To : Mix popular rum drinks

The most popular rum drinks liven up any party. Be the life of the party by learning to mix eight rum cocktails in this free drink mixing video series. Part 1 of 10 - How to Mix popular rum drinks. Mix popular rum drinks - Part 2 of 10. Click through to watch this video on exp ...more

How To : Mix basic vodka drinks

Laura Joy has bartended all over Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire at a wide variety of functions ranging from private parties to casino parties to large-scale events. She is going to demonstrate how to mix some basic vodka drinks. Part 1 of 9 - How to Mix basi ...more

How To : Mix a Brandy Alexander cocktail dessert drink

Rob "Riki Tiki" Roy is bringing you class, people! This dessert drink is tasty and perfect for cocktail parties, drinking with friends, and any other time you choose. You will need brandy, dark creme de cacao, milk, and grated nutmeg. Learn how to mix up the Brandy Alexander b ...more

How To : Mix an Apricot Sour brandy alcoholic drink

Having a cocktail party and not quite sure what alcoholic beverages to serve up? Then watch this how to video to learn how to mix up an Apricot Sour. The women love this drink, you will need a little bit apricot brandy, bar mix, and seven up.

How To : Mix the perfect Manhattan drink

This video describes how to mix the perfect Manhattan drink. For this you need the following ingredients: bourbon, sweet vermouth, and Angostura Bitters. First, take a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice cubes. Now add two ounces of bourbon into the cocktail shaker, one ounce ...more

How To : Mix a Melon Ball vodka drink

Having a cocktail party and not quite sure what alcoholic beverages to serve up? Then watch this how to video to learn how to mix up a Melon Ball. For this drink you will need vodka, melon liqueur, and orange juice.

How To : Mix a Cherry Amaretto Sour cocktail drink

The Cherry Amaretto Sour is a classic cocktail drink you can enjoy anywhere… at the bar or at home. If you feel like having it at home, then just follow this alcohol recipe -- Cherry Amaretto Sour. Amaretto is an Italian sweet almond-flavored liqueur made from apricot or almon ...more

How To : Mix four different sweet cocktail drinks

This video alcoholic drink-mixing tutorial shows how to make four different specialty cocktail recipes. For a chocolate mint quake, you will need chocolate syrup and Rumple Minze peppermint schnapps. For an espresso-tini espresso martini, you will need vanilla vodka, Godiva es ...more

How To : Mix a Michelada drink, aka the Spicy Beer cocktail

Although it's a loosely defining term, the Michelada (or cerveza prepared) is a wonderful mix of beer, lime juice, hot sauce, and soy sauce. You would never think that these things can actually taste good together, but if that's the train of thought you have, you don't know wh ...more

How To : Mix a whiskey sour cocktail drink

Rob "Riki Tiki" Roy takes a vague request and brings about a classic. All you need is whiskey, sweet and sour mix, and a cherry for garnish. Sweet and sour mix can be added to any liquor to create a something sour cocktail. It's so easy.

How To : Mix a Tom Collins gin drink

Having a cocktail party and not quite sure what alcoholic beverages to serve up? Then watch this how to video to learn how to mix up a Tom Collins. For the Tom Collins you will need the following ingredients: gin, bar mix, sugar, and soda.

How To : Mix a Kamikazee vodka drink

Having a cocktail party and not quite sure what alcoholic beverages to serve up? Then watch this how to video to learn how to mix up a Kamikazee. For this you will need triple sec, bar mix, sugar, and of course vodka.

How To : Mix a flaming B52 shot drink

Seattle-based French bartender Christophe Rougny demonstrates how to make a spectacular Flaming B52 Shot drink. You will need Kahlua, Irish cream liqueur, Grand Marnier, and Bacardi 151 rum. Just don't get burned.

How To : Mix a "bald pussy" cocktail drink

The American Bartender's School shows you how to make a "bald pussy" cocktail drink. Check out this how-to video from wonderhowto.com for tips on getting drunk fast with a bald pussy.

How To : Mix in additives to your tea drinks

In this how to video Dr. Tea explains the various additives we used in our teas. You can try adding milk, lemon, sugar, sweeteners and agave to your favorite tea. Learn why adding dairy milk to tea is a big no no.

How To : Mix a Shirley Temple non-alcoholic drink

This video shows you how to make an authentic Shirley Temple!! This is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink for any time of the year. To make a Shirley Temple you will need: -Dash of grenadine -a glass -ice -a straw -ginger ale or sprite -1 or 2 marishcino cherries

How To : Make a blow job cocktail drink

The American Bartender's School shows how to make a blow job mixed drink. Use some kalua for your blow job mixed drink, especially if you are more interested in coffee than in blow jobs.

How To : Mix a Sex on The Beach recipe

We're teaching you how to make the mixed drink, Sex on the Beach. Odd name, great flavors. The mix of rum, peach schnapps and juices make this a worth-while party drink. If you're sick of basic cocktails, expand your knowledge. Watch this mixed drink recipe video to learn how ...more

How To : Correctly use ice in your home mixed cocktails

If the ice melts quickly, it will dilute the liquor and flavors in your mixed drink. And some drinks are best poured over ice cubes, while others are ideally served with crushed ice. Here's how to use ice to the best effect, no matter what drink you are making. Correctly use i ...more

How To : Make a vodka melon

Why just have a vodka tonic when you can have a vodka melon? You will need: 2 oz vodka 2 oz melon liqueur 1/2 c half cup of pineapple juice a highball glass a cocktail shaker ice a slice of honeydew or cantaloupe orange juice Watch this video to learn how to mix a vodka melon ...more

How To : Mix a melon martini like a professional bartender

Always use the freshest ingredients you possibly can when mixing specialty mixed drinks. In this case, the fresh honeydew melon and key lime juice really help to make a very fresh drink. This is a delicious mixed drink, great for summer evenings. Watch this mixology tutorial & ...more

How To : Mix a leg spreader cocktail

American Bartenders School shows how to make a Leg Spreader mixed drink cocktail recipe. This drink can be served in a small rock glass or in a shot glass. You will need spiced rum (like Captain Morgan's), coconut rum, pineapple juice, and peach schnapps. Learn how to mix a le ...more

How To : Mix an Arnold Palmer cocktail

American Bartenders School shows how to make a Arnold Palmer mixed drink cocktail. This is the drink of choice with many golfers. You will need vodka, lemonade, and iced tea. Watch this video specialty drink-mixing tutorial and learn how to make an Arnold Palmer cocktail.

How To : Make a rattle snake cocktail drink

The American Bartender's School shows how to make a rattle snake mixed drink cocktail recipe. Get tips from this how-to video on wonderhowto.com for making a tasty drink that will get you drunk.

How To : Make a gibson cocktail drink

The American Bartender's School shows you how to make a Gibson mixed drink cocktail. Check out this recipe on wonderhowto.com in a how-to video format. Don't you want to get drunk from a gibson cocktail drink?

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